Embrace the Hostility will be releasing their debut full-length “Hated Since Birth”

Formed in 2009, Embrace the hostility is a metal/hardcore band hailing from western Pennsylvania. Despite a few
member changes, ETH's anger and aggression has remained constant. With 2 EP's under their belt, The PA stompers
are set to record their debut full length this year.

Line Up
Jordan - Vocals
Josh - Guitar
Spencer - Guitar
Kevin - Bass
Alex - Drums

Embrace the Hostility will be releasing their debut full-length “Hated Since Birth” on July 21st, 2018 through Upstate Records (NY).  The first single, “Compulsive Fiend” drops Friday, June 15th through all major digital distribution platforms

Embrace the Hostility (ETH) is a five-piece metal/hardcore band from Western, PA.  Formed in 2009, ETH have forged a reputable name for themselves over the years as a juggernaut in their local hardcore scene.  ETH recently signed with Upstate Records to take their music to the next level and appeal to a worldwide audience.

“Hated Since Birth” is an amalgamation of the bands influences – metal, hardcore, hip-hop.  The blend makes for a powerful resultant.  The album weaves modern beatdown with classic thrash metal.  The vocals are edgy and reminiscent of Downset.  The guitar work on “Hated Since Birth” is masterful; tastefully technical.  The guitar solos are emotionally complimentary to the balance of the songs.  The bass and drums round out the bottom end with clarity and punch.

Lyrically, “Hated Since Birth” hits hard and personal.  Singer Jordan Dukes is not hesitant to draw from his introspective experiences and observant perspectives to address everything from drug addiction, suicide, betrayal and racism.  

Embrace the Hostility’s “Hated Since Birth” will immediately grab your attention and take you for a ride.