H.C.Z (Hard Core Zajecar)

Serbian hardcore band H.C.Z was created in autumn 2011 in Zajecar. The band was formed in front of the legendary Tupiznica shop it is a place where old rock,metal fans/bands,was gathering for years.
Was assembled by Ivan Zivkovic who called Stefan Stojanovic for a test(bass guitar), Aleksandra Bogdanova (Drums) and Stefan Marjanovic (Guitar).After a few days, Zeljko Dimitrov (guitar) was invited.

After a while,  Stefan Marjanovic left the band, and Zeljko became the first guitar.
From the beginning, the band decided to play an aggressive hard core.

Since there have been no ideas for the name, they have connected the hard core with the city name, Zajecar a city located in istern part of Serbia. And so  it was H.C.Z (Hard Core Zajecar).

Behind them is a huge number of performances at festivals, guitars and solo gigs.
Several times they were on radio stations and they have three compilations."Young against fascism", "Miner Compilation 4" and "Invasion from the East".

The band is recognizable for they great energy on stage, during and after the performance, and
processing of Serbian folk songs in hard core arrangement.

They have two demo albums behind them
Honest to myself 2014
Zajecarsko beer 2015

One single:BOG for Miner Recordings

Since 2011, band members have not changed at all

All info by band's member.

This is H.C.Z. 1st official video, enjoy!