[Bay Area Thrash] [Crust] 
 (Vienna, Austria)

Has come to our editorial this ep entitled Vanguard, by Zetkin, bay area thrash metal / crust band from Vienna, Austria. It has been totally a surprise to listen this band, quite a while without listening a sound between the 80's British crust punk mixed with thrash metal. 4 songs that will not give you any respite. If you're sick of so much beatdown monotony, this album is perfect for you to get hooked, Zetkin incorporate hardcore, punk, crust, bay area thrash and occasionally reaching to death metal sound. Highly recommended!

Zetkin - Vanguard EP


1. Beacon 03:10
2. Vanguard 03:34
3. Tunnel Brigade 03:19
4. Trenches 03:06

By Band Request



[Beatdown Hardcore]
 (Madrid, Spain)

T.W.I.M. - 90' Immigrants (Feat​.​Chico Machete) [Single]

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[Anarchist Punk] [Neocrust]
 (Galiza, Spain)

Tenue - Demo MMXVII


1. Am-Ar 04:57
2. Solipsismo 05:17
3. Lápidas, tumbas 03:39
4. Océanos 03:52

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Djamhellvice "Bénéfice du Doute" ft Res Turner (Prod TonyToxik)

 [Hip Hop] [Hardcore Rap] 
(Paris, France) 

Djamhellvice new video clip: "Benefice du Doute" ft. Res Turner (extract of my new LP "Controverse"


07/04/2017 - QKC, Neuchatel (Swi)
08/04/2017 - L'espace Noir, Saint-Imier (Swi)22/04/2017 - Jardin Moderne, Rennes (Fr)
03/06/2017 - Lepakkomies Baari, Helsinki (Fin)
07/07/2017 - La Scène Michelet, Nantes (Fr)
28/10/2017 - Masure, Tournai (Bel)

Missiles of October

[Punk] [Stoner] [Sludge]
(Bruxelles, Belgium)

Missiles of October (Be) is a Belgian band formed in beginning of 2012 by:
Bob Seytor (from Contingent (1st punk belgium punk!!!), Rotyes, ex-Walpurgis), Mathias Salas (Rotyes, Frau Blucher and the drunken horses, ex-Galvanize), Lionel Beyet ([P.U.T], ex-Monster Eaters, Boss of P.O.G.O. records since 1993)
These 3 old guys are playing a dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise rock! for fans of Unsane, Les Thugs, Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Black Flag, Mc Lusky, Unwound...
In +/- 90 crazy gigs in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Germany , they get an impressive live reputation with loud & furious performance.

 They play with 3 gigs in support of 2014 European tour of Jucifer (us), and with: Cosmic Psychos, Philm (us), Hard Ons (Au), Dÿse (De), Grant National (De), Vandal-X (Be), Progerians (Be), Stinking Lizaveta (US), King Phantom (fr), Cellophane Suckers (De), Daikiri, Nicoffeine (De), Clarkys bacon (De), Don Vito (De), Das Model (fr),  Anomalys (Nl), LCPD (it), Les Spritz (it), Membrane (fr),  Revok (fr), The Lumberjack Feedback (fr),....

Missiles of October - Better days (2016)

1. State of Crisis 02:21
2. No brain no headache 04:27
3. Satisfaction in nothing 03:03
4. Better days 01:59
5. Everyday 07:07
6. Loser 03:45
7. Chainsaw 01:56
8. Problems 02:41
9. Blah-blah-blah 02:43
10. Two feet in sludge 03:56

04.02.17: Dour (Be) @ En attendant le Printemps festival + La jungle + Morkobot + Animal Youth + more !
05.04.17: London (GB) @  The Underworld Camden + Whores + Big Business

CD VERSION available on :
POGO RECORDS (France - 075) pogorecords.bandcamp.com 
EBUS MUSIC (Germany - EM074/QR006-CD) www.ebusmusic.com 
BONOBO STOMP (France-012): bonobostomp.blogspot.be 

LP VERSION at pressing in january 2017 on 
WHAT’S FOR BREAKFAST (USA - 018) www.wfbrecords.com
POGO RECORDS (France - 075) pogorecords.bandcamp.com 
EBUS MUSIC (Germany - EM074/QR006-CD) www.ebusmusic.com 
TRUMMER POGO RECORDS (Germany - TPnr24)roymehl@gmx.net 
BONOBO STOMP (France-012): bonobostomp.blogspot.be 
SKATE PIZZA RECORDS (France): skatepizza@riseup.net  

All Out War (NY Metalcore/Hardcore) in Puerto Rico.

Vengeance Music, I Love Mosh, Karl Music, Senzala & Darklight Corp... Presents:
All Out War (NY Metalcore/Hardcore) in Puerto Rico. Saturday, February 11
Guest Bands:
Ritual Kannabis  (PR Death Metal)
Bajo Presión  (PR Hardcore)
Kill The Addict  (Florida Hardcore)
Mindfield (Florida Hardcore)
Apparition  (NY Hardcore Metal)
Scars Of Deceit  (Boston Hardcore Beatdown)

More info: Noel Alvarez