Windover - Maze (EP 2017) [Review]

Today we got in our hands Windover's new EP titled “Maze”, melodic hardcore / skate punk from Minsk, Belarus, was released on June 2017, a 5 track álbum with a defined sound/style, that could merge all songs into one masterpiece.

The concept´s album is according to the band,  siomething like this, “We live in a world similar to a maze, from which it is very difficult to get out. Most people do not realize that they are in a trap, between work, money, relationships, religion and politics. All this puts pressure on people, making them embittered and disunited, everyone wants to escape from this as from the maze, but nobody succeeds. All of this is reflected in our music, since we are also in this maze..”

This band is a loud & fast project, a perfect combination melodic hardcore with skate punk rock, if you´re into bands like Comeback Kid, Champion, Pennywise, Strung out you'll dig it. With no doubt, it's a recommendable album!

Personal favorite song: Ruthless & Maze
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Windover - Maze (June, 2017)
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1. Wasting Time
2. Stun
3. Ruthless
4. Maze
5. Swamp

By Khumah