Scarfold - Divide​/​Decline (2017)

[Hardcore Metal]
(Montreal, Canada)

Scarfold is a D.I.Y band from MTL made up of 4 members fed up with artificial mainstream and hypocrisy which are a way of life in today's society. They want nothing more but to unleash this frustration through an agressive, direct, and groovy Hardcore style ready to deliver mad truth in its purest form! This band exists since 2015 and will orchestrate chaos in the pit while passing the mic! 

Scarfold - Divide​/​Decline

1. Welcome to the divide 01:07
2. Falsifier 03:52
3. 19 Below 02:00
4. Self Worth One 03:37
5. Assault And Mischief 04:07
6. Five Nerve Drive 03:44