Above Our Instinct- Bury The Hatchet ( Official Music Video) [Review]

[Post Hardcore] [Metalcore]
(Manchester, UK)

Above Our Instinct. Five piece post-hardcore / metalcore band; based in Manchester, England.

They show us a debut song video "Bury The Hatchet", This track is full of melodic riffs, energetic & great vocals, with many changes, giving it a touch that has caught my attention; adding a heavy sound but at times, we're reminded of the 90's metalcore, mixing a powerful modern sound. It's a band to keep a eye on it, they've all potential to grow up in the scene.

Check out Above Our Instinct video and enjoy!

Official Music Video for Bury The Hatchet off new EP A New Beginning 
Directed by Matty Daleyy @ clearway media 
Produced, mixed and mastered by Nathan Edwards and Connor 

By Band Request



  1. Yo cheers guys for the mention, means alot you dont get it much these days!


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