The Terrorist Collective - ECO ESTUDIO SESSION​ [Review]

[Hardcore] [Hardcore Punk] [Experimental]
(Lima, Peru) 

The Terrorist Collective

TTC  is a hardcore band from Lima, Perú (born in Florence, Italy in 2005 as hardcore jazz duo) and now with his 5th solid line-up has released this live session after their album  "Intercourse Ritual"

Recently has released their new album ​ECO ESTUDIO SESSION​, with 4 tracks, full of of psychedelia, creating a tense atmosphere, altering the mood of all who listen to their music, the band explores sounds with their violent form. With no doubt, experimental sounds for rough ears. 

This Live session album features Madman Theory a brand neew track that will be included on the new studio album  "Wonderful Disasters"

If you are looking for new sounds, tired of so much monotony, this album is absolutely recommendable.

The Terrorist Collective - ​ECO ESTUDIO SESSION​ (July, 2017)

1. Madman Theory 04:58
2. Orgasmatron 04:26
3. Conjoined Penis 04:23
4. Malaise 03:18

Recorded Live at ECO ESTUDIO: 

Track 1 is a a preview of the new upcoming album "Wonderful Disasters"

By Band Request