Lay It On The Line - The Black Museum (2017) [Review] [Stream]

 [Melodic  Hardcore] [Hardcore Punk]
(South London, UK)

Lay It On The Line formed in 2012 and released 4 EPs and a split 7" before releasing their debut album, 'The Black Museum', on their new home - Disconnect, Disconnect Records. The band, featuring members of In Evil Hour, Hang The Bastard, River Jumpers and Phinius Gage. displays their new 2 vocal, male/female lineup on this album - mixing fast, skate punk songs, with old school screamo and abrasive melodic hardcore.

Today we got in our hands the new Long Play from the British Melodic-Hardcore-punk band Lay It on the Line, released by Disconnect Disconnect Records on June 30th.
“The Black Museum LP” is their fouth release with 10 powerful songs fulled with energy & melody, one of the things I really liked is the bass line taking some leadership in songs like “The Black Museum” in a Punk Rock way, they say Pennywise is a big influence & you can see. The guitars create really “catchy” melodies in minor scales, drums are fast & precise, there´s a combination of female/male, clean/false chord (screams) voices, the female voice kind of remind me Candance from Walls of Jericho.
All 10 songs are really great, this is one of those albums you could hear all the way till the end & still want some more, they also have a couple of videos & a Cro-Mags cover (Hard Times) in case you want to hear more, my personal favorite songs would be the slowest one “1917” & the rock & roll in “Oreo Speedwagon”.
Really great album!!!

1.Level Up
2.A Serious House On Serious Earth
3.Aim High
4.Battery Farm Anachronism
5.120 Days
6.The Black Museum
7.Force Fed
8.Oreo Speedwagon
9.Positive Views

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By Khuma


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