Interview with Wewain, Hardcore / Groove Metal from Valparaiso, Chile!

[Hardcore] [Groove Metal]
(Valparaiso, Chile)

Interview with Wewain, Hardcore / Groove Metal from Valparaiso, Chile!

- What's up, Wewain? Thank you for taking time. I've been in touch with you since the band was born, but many people in US and Europe don't know who is Wewain. Please introduce short yourself. Since when do you make music together, how many members you are and so on?

Wewain is a metal groove band born in 2014 in Valparaíso, Chile, the band has 2 guitar player, 1 bass player, 1 drummer and 1 singer. The band is characterized by mutual support and self management, this Is the signature of the band, because the music and video is recorded and produced by members of the band
The letters of Wewain speak of P.M.A., social discontent and current contingency of the country, a country where no one is free from fraud and corruption, where social classes are separated by politics and police repression, WEWAIÑ "we will win" is a cry of struggle and resistance.
Wewain means "we will win" in Mapudungün, which is the language of our native people, Mapuches, who have been abused by the government for many years, but resist and struggle day by day for their ideals and convictions

- From my point of view, Wewain are the forerunners of the Hardcore / Groove Metal sound that so many bands embrace these days in Latinamerica. How does it feel about it, in an area where many bands want to sound like the European beatdown? 

We like to go through many styles of music, we experiment with different passages of metal music and mix them with the touch of wewain, which could be characterized by a groove metal sound
It is true that there are many bands that want to sound like the European beatdown, but that is more of the same, it is not flashy, it is repetitive, we want to draw the attention of our fans, making them go through different moods when they listening our songs

 - Speaking of "Gritos de calle, lucha y resistencia", tell us about this album?

This is a completely self-managed album, in terms of creation, production and recording, the musical composition is based on finding a different sound, mixing different types of metal music, using sharp guitars, sticky rhythms and low guitar tunings, adding in the lyrics a direct and clear message about the discontent that exists in our society, damage to the environment, racism, homophobia, PMA, among others. 

We consider ourselves an anti fascist band and all this is strongly described in the choruses of our songs

- Wewain's sound is a mix of thrash metal, groove & hardcore punk, What/Who influences your music taste and why?

Our musical influences are very broad, our bassist and singer come from a hardcore, hardcore punk scene. On the other hand our guitar players and drummer have influences of new metal, groove metal, progressive and death metal
As influences we could name bands like SEPULTURA, MACHINE HEAD, MESHUGGAH, CHIMAIRA, LAMB OF GOD, but there are many others that we could consider

- I understand, this album has been 100% self-managed, How been the band process in DIY ethics?

The DIY is more than a phrase, it is a lifestyle, which we try to carry out in the production of our albums, videos clips and concerts we have done
Mutual support and self management comes from DIY, the effort we put into it is so great that when we see the results it is a source of pride and surpassing. We managed to have our own music recording studio, our own audio and video equipment for concerts and audio-visual productions

- One of the themes within the lyrics of the band is about social struggle, tell us about it?

We live in a country where the high society owns all the resources, we are the only country in the world where water is privatized. The dominant society is dedicated to fragmenting the people, in different ways, to dilute the power of the people, introduce different types of drugs to the neighborhoods, including political adepts in the management of syndicates to remove the power.
Young people are bombarded with capitalist messages, creating apathetic people who do not understand politics. A few are interested in denouncing the immorality of capitalism, which is killing our people.
It is necessary to denounce and raise awareness of these practices, we use music to express our position against a system created to lead slaves and silence any social movement.

- Does the whole band contribute to the songwriting? Is there any significance to the album title?

Represents what we say in songs, street screams, struggle and resistance is something that is lived worldwide, we want to massify this type of content in the underground movement, we need to stop witnessing reality

While definitely metallic, no one can deny that your core roots have always been there. How important is keeping these roots strong to you and the band? 
In terms of musical roots we believe that it is not important to maintain, music must flow naturally, not forced
If we speak of roots, definitely the ones we must maintain are the social roots, maintaining our roots is important, because this defines us as people in our way of thinking and acting, positive actions generate positive reactions
There is a tendency to forget where we come from, leaving aside humility, fellowship and our original peoples, unfortunately the idea of being individual, egocentric and empty people is widely accepted by society, we have to fight against this every day to raise awareness And union in people, so the message must be strong and clear

- What are some of your favorite metal and hardcore records, new and old? 

-Meshuggah: Chaosphere
-Death: Individual Thought Patterns
-Opeth: Black Water Park
-Sick of it All: Just Look Around
-Iron Maiden: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
-Chimaira: The Impossibility of Reason
-Decapitated: Carnival is Forever
-Tool: Lateralus

- How about the metal / hardcore scene in Chile?

There are great bands of metal and hardcore, with a great level, but unfortunately the scene is totally fragmented, there is a lot of separation and envy between bands, too much competition and ambiguous thoughts.
We believe that the idea of creating music is not only to make riffs and sticky rhythms, music can be used to generate positive changes, we have been fortunate to share with proactive bands, bands that support events from beginning to end, but we have also played with bands that play at the concerts, charge their money and leave.
It is sad to see that subdivisions are generated, when the message can be the same in different musical styles
The fact of having antifascist ideals, supporting LGTB or GLBT movements, social movements and being proud of our Mapuche roots gives us a better way of thinking and realizing that reality is not a musical genre, makes us realize that we are all part of a reality

What's up for the future, guys? Please fill us in!

We are finalizing the stage of composition of our second album, ending with this we started to record it, maybe in March 2018 we have everything ready, that is what we hope
We could say that the new album has a darker and heavier sound, where 7-string guitars are characterized by lower tunings and in voices applying new guttural shouting techniques

Thanks a lot for your time and this interview! It's my total pleasure! Wewain, one of the most influential and committed bands in Latin America, please take a look and support the underground!

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