I Love Mosh reached out to D-PELT [Interview]

I Love Mosh reached out to D-PELT to talk about their music, favorite albums & life (past and present). By Joe Gallardo

* Hey bro, How are you? Firstly thank you for taking time for an interview. Please introduce short yourself. Since when do you make music, bands and so on?

Hey Joe thank you for the support! I'm fine. I started with a Band called Desintegrated in 1999 and I was founding member of the Bands Denny Crane and Got Nuthin'.

* You release soon a new album. Talk us about the name, release date and how was the feedback to the record so far?

Most of the album tracks are from 2016 around the release of the Dialektik EP. I invested more time and power in the result for a year now. The album got no title, it's just D-PELT because in the end it's just me releasing it. I got help and support from many cool dudes to realize this d.i.y. project. Release date is the 25th of august. There will be just 100 hand numbered digipacks distributed by Core Tex Records.

* Which bands and music do you count to your influences and how would you describe your music?

Holger from Cunthunt recorded some varied songs for me and Jorge of Merauder and Spencer from Hometown Hate are just some of the guests on them. The influences are traditional Metal, Oi!, Punkrock, Hardcore and of course Hip Hop.

* D-Pelt's sound is a mix of underground hip hop / rap / Punk / Beatdown. What/Who influences your music taste and why?

I prefer traditional oldschool tunes in all styles of music because there I still feel the energy and love to it. Todays music is often just a copy in style and of course the attitude. I miss the individuality. I discovered some cool trash and death metal bands lately. 

* Thanks to you, I've met good hip hop artists / hardcore bands from your country. How is the hardcore / rap scene in Germany?

Since I became a father 3 years ago I'm not often on shows and in scene pubs anymore. I feel alive with this kinds of music for 20 years now. There is nothing to miss out on something for me today. Both scenes went to a fashion parade. I'm not cool with this modern crap of slam or trap bullshit music! For me the priority still is the attitude. The underground of local acts all around the world still carry on this spirit, same here.

* What personally means hardcore / rap to you?

Subcultures always give me a home and strength. Both scenes are made by oppression so it means to me to break free from it a have a voice and being connected to people of the same background and beliefs. My lyrics are deep and personal. Doing music is like a therapy I share it with friends and supporters.

* What are you doing otherwise besides music? Work? Hobbies?

I try to built up Instinct Hard Wear. You know I am a screen printer so it's not fashion, it's my occupation. Madball, Nasty, Danny Diablo and some rappers from Berlin like Blokkmonsta and MC Bogy where hosting it. 

* What are some of your favorite rap and hardcore records, new and old?

Old records Madball “Demonstrating my Style”, Ryker's “Ground Zero”, Hatebreed “Satisfaction is the Death Of Desire”, Pro-Pain “Round 6”, Death Threat “For God and Government, Agnostic Front “Another Voice”, H2O “Nothing To Prove”, Blood For Blood “Outlaw Anthems”, Anticops “In The Eyes Of A Dying Man”. But two of the best records ever made are Sepultura “Beneath the Remains” and Metallica “Ride The Lightning” for me. Hip Hop's are NAS “It was written”, Outcast “Atliens”, 2Pac “Me Against The World” and Mobb Deep “The Infamous”.  New is the Zenit Remix Album of Amewus “Leidkultur” and the new WindchILL album “Second Wind”. Of course I want to give a shoutout to Novatore, Djamhellvice and Almoe too!  I like the most albums produced by Apollo Brown and Q-Unique's latest “BlaQ Coffee”! New Hardcore stuff I really enjoy is rare actually! I am looking forward to the new release of “These Streets” and I like Miozän “Surrender Denied” and Stars And Stripes “Planet Of The States”. 

* What's up for the future? Please fill us in!

No plans dude! I just put my focus on the album release and push Instinct Hard Wear a bit more now.

* Final words and greetings?

Try to live positive. After many  many years of drug abuse and living in anger and hate I found the courage to change some ways. Don't wait! Don't follow just trends! Educate your kids and rebuilt our communities!  Fuck neoliberal capitalism! Fuck wars and all their lies! Be the change! That's what's  Hardcore to me!  Shoutout to Chula Crew!  Peace.

D-Pelt, one of the most active and committed underground hardcore rap artists, has actively collaborated with I Love Mosh and MCs around the world. New album this summer, stay tuned!