DECONSECRATE - 'Resentment' 7"

[90's Metalcore] (Death Metal]

DECONSECRATE is H8000 (BE) based  and mixed 90ties metalcore with blackened death metal.
Members used to play in Retaliate , Crossed The Line, Six days of Justice & Murderhorn.

DECONSECRATE - 'Resentment' 7" (2017)


1. Resentment
2. Forged into One
3. Broken
 down and decimated
4. The sludge

Release date, 
24/07/2017  Soaked in Torment records
limited to 300 pieces : clear with bloodsplatter

Recorded and mixed by the band , mastered at Audiosiege (Obituary, Nails, Integrity)

By Band Request