Die!ChiwawaDie! / Struggle Session - Split Vinyl 2017 [Review]

[Hardcore Punk] [Punk Rock] [D-Beat] [Powerviolence]
(Canton / Beijing, China)

Today we got in our hands a pre-release of a Split LP that will be out as a 12” vinyl available on June 30th (2017) with Genjing Records & Qiii Snacks Records.

In Side A we have  Die! Chiwawa Die! from Canton, China, they have a male & a female Singer combining voices, changing from melodic to screams according to music intensity. I could not define music in a single genre or category, it can go from Alternative Rock to Power Violence with a Punk Rock foundation. There are some live videos in their facebook page showing a good comunication & energy with their frantic semi-naked crowd. My personal favorite song “No Stage is the Best Stage” that´s attitude, punk as fuck!!

In Side B we have  Struggle Session (FFO SPAZZ, Punch, Melt Banana, Ging Nang Boyz) from Beijing, China with a 4 man based band (voice, bass, guitar & drums) Screams & growls over a music combination of Stoner Rock, Powerviolence & D Beat sound with a Hardcore Punk base, a really powerful band preparing for a Spain/Marroco tour in July 2017, you can also see some live videos also with a frantic performance. My personal favorite “Unwound” a song to go apeshit crazy on & off stage.

Die!ChiwawaDie! / Struggle Session - Split Vinyl 2017


Side A [Die!ChiwawaDie!]
01. Intro (0:37)
02. No Stage is the Best Stage (1:15)
03. Classmate Chiu the Shoegazer (1:15)
04. Fan the Flame (1:23)
05. Taxi Driver [Skit] (0:43)
06. Call the Ambulance (1:12)
07. Good [Plastics cover] (2:09)
08. Days Under Your Balls (1:20)
09. Thank You (1:53)
10. Your Life (1:44)
11. One From The Heart (1:39)
13. That Means Nothing (1:14)
Side B [Struggle Session]
01. What's Left (1:40)
02. Stupid Energies (1:41)
03. Unwound (2:22)
04. Howler (2:49)
05. Smog Thrills (1:14)
06. K.E.E.N (3:12)
07. Sold Souls (2:46)
08. Trail of Glass (3:16)

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Release Date: June 30, 2017
Format: 12" vinyl
Artist sites: 

Review By Khumah