Sharp X Cut - Demo 2017

[Anarchist Oi] [Punk Rock] [Straight Edge]
(Leipzig, Germany)

Anarchist Oi!

Found love and got socialised by punk this subculture takes a big part in our life.

Sexism, homo, trans, biphobia, racism and other oppressive attitudes get more and more attractive and were always part of this subculture, so it's necessary to fight for an emancipatory subculture. The phrase “make punk a threat” must be more than just some words. Punk has to be a counterculture instead of a lifestyle which stabilizes existing conditions.

So many times it's told about “Working Class Pride”. It's the pride of being exploited 40 hours per week, instead of a revolutionary consciousness.

Nevertheless we don't want to tolerate or reproduce oppressive habits within this subculture. Driven by the ideas of DIY and anger about those habits we decided to found a band in summer 2016.

For an emancipatory and antifascist subculture!

Sharp X Cut, May 2017

Sharp X Cut - Demo 2017


1. Sharp Cut 03:17
2. No Unity 01:59
3. Fight Back 02:18
4. Two Faces of Morality 02:26
5. Class War No Race War 02:18
6. Vegan Revolution 01:52
7. Antisocial 03:00