EXEMPTION - Fall Of Inquisition (2017)

[Heavy Hardcore] [Crossover] [Hardcore Metal]
(Huddersfield, UK)

EXEMPTION. 5 piece heavy hardcore band from Huddersfield, UK has released Fall Of Inquisition EP (March 18, 2017), 8 powerfull tracks mixing crossover hardcore / groove metal.

I've heard the whole album, on my way home and once again to be able to talk about it, I really liked it a lot. Highlighting "Fall Of Inquisition", "Broken Throne" & "Fear Tactics" (I love good & long songs).  We must pay close attention to the band.

Fall Of Inquisition EP Now available


1. Fall Of Inquisition 04:14
2. Broken Throne 04:19
3. Eye Of The Mind 02:54
4. Corrupted Crown 02:58
5. The Wind 01:59
6. Embrace 03:40
7. Divide / Conquer 03:11
8. Fear Tactics [Ft Alex Mckinnon of Carbine] 03:39

By Band Request