Badwill - Мы Те, Кто Мы Есть (2017)

[Beatdown Hardcore] [Hardcore Punk]
(Saint Petersburg, Russia)

BADWILL - hardcore band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia which was formed in autumn of 2014th year. Hardcore is not just a heavy music genre for us. It means something more. First of all, it's mutual help and resistance. All members of the band are antiracists, so that our music is focused only on antiracist audience.

Badwill - Мы Те, Кто Мы Есть (2017)


1. Ярость 02:00
2. Третьего Не Дано 03:49
3. Быть, а Не Казаться 04:21
4. Механизм 04:01
5. We Are Who We Are 03:51
6. Мнение 04:06