Under The Sunrise - Get Shit Done [New Release] (Quick Review)

[Hardcore] [Hardcore Punk] [2 Step]
(Berlin, Germany)

Under The Sunrise. 4-Piece hardcore band from Berlin, Germany, is near to release their next album this April 28th, 2017.

Get Shit Done offers 8 tracks full of energy and fury, very good tempo changes and a fucking punch directly in your brain so you forget about all stupid trends, so you can enjoy the real hardcore essence!  Absolutely recommendable

Highlighting "Peacemaker", "Make Or Break" & "Back On Track"

Under The Sunrise is here to reppin' Berlin hardcore underground scene

Under The Sunrise - Get Shit Done (April, 2017)


1. Get Shit Done
2. Peacemaker
3. Make Or Break
4. Helping Hand
5. Back On Track
6. Rewind
7. Breaking The News
8. Wasted

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