Cult Cinema - Cosmic Horror II (EP 2017) [Review]

[Blackened Neocrust] [Hardcore Punk] [Doom]
(London, UK)

Cult Cinema is a blackened neocrust / hardcore punk band  from London, with doom’s structures, influenced by science fiction & Lovecraft.

They've released  Cosmic Horror II with 4 songs. This EP is the second part of a trilogy. Starting with "Horror Vacui", a perfect instrumental for a horror movie, followed by "Bad Blood" & "Midnight Man", here the band will envelop you in a dense atmosphere between the 90s black metal mixed with the punk's fury. At this moment is when we go to the end with "Labyrinth of Solitude", a long song totally focused on doom metal, moving you to the ecstasy. I'm very glad to heard this band, throughout this day I've listened to previous albums, I'll be waiting for the final part of this trilogy of cosmic horror. Highly recommended, so go to Cult Cinema's bandcamp to buy/stream this EP & more music, and don't forget check facebook page to give to them some love!