The Donner Party - The Spawning

[Crossover] [Thrash Metal] [Hardcore Punk]
(Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA), 

Celebrating the raucous days of the 1980's crossover thrash metal scene, The Donner Party serves up a high speed, circle pit inciting facsimile for a whole new generation of metal maniacs. Formed in the toxic wasteland of Bloomfield, New Jersey in 2009, the band quickly gained a name in the thrash metal community with the release of their self-financed debut E.P. "The Spawning". It’s a seven song sonic blast of lightning fast riffs and head bashing breakdowns that was glowingly embraced by both critics and fans alike. With their lyrical content divided between socially aware, politically charged vituperation and gore-drenched, splatter movie inspired vignettes, The Donner Party has drawn comparison to such acts as Nuclear Assault, Sacred Reich, Sodom, & Municipal Waste. The band has successfully taken their live act all across the tri-state area, including a slot opening for crossover legends D.R.I. They've circulated thousands of copies of their E.P. to hungry metal fans all over the world; both in-person at live shows and through free downloads on popular social networking sites. Currently hard at work prepping new material, the boys are poised to unleash the next chapter of their legacy and inevitably focus their targets on global domination.

The Donner Party - The Spawning


1. Within the Woods 02:03
2. Personal Holocaust 02:54
3. Toxic Shock 02:17
4. Hotel Guantanamo 02:38
5. Human Targets 02:08
6. Walled In 02:53
7. Evil Offerings 03:44