SWR - "Why So Serious?" [Album Review]

SWR - "Why So Serious?" (Release Date : December 12th 2016)

About the band, SWR hardcore band which play a brutal heavy hardcore from Montauban, France,  FFO Shattered Realm, CDC, Terror and Nasty with fucking beatdown mosh parts. 

I've the opportunity to hear full album (13 songs) by band's courtesy, previously I had already heard his first single, they're part of I Love Mosh Heavyweight Compilation Vol 8, really good song. I'll be quick, this is heavy hardcore distilled to its most pure elements and infused with massive thundering, droning, hard guitar chords, so heavy I could almost feel my headphones destroying my head. This is as oppressively, crushingly heavy as music gets. This is the sound of you being crushed under a tidal wave over and over again. 

Sometimes they change and up the tempo a bit, these are good moments as well, with some thick sludgy guitar work at times and good breakdowns. About vocals work, it's so fucking good, gutural voice with some shifting nuances, and in some moments rap style giving the perfect style to each song. Song after song the anger continues, but wait a moment, a rap song? Damn, it's so fucking good, i love it. I don't like to choose favorite songs, this is a good album..

Three words fit best to Why So Serious? Hard As Fuck!

Why So Serious, it's a complete album, doesn't lack anything. If you can bring yourself to just switch your brain off for 39 minutes and understand what this band is about going into it, you’ll have a good enjoying time with this album.

For physical copies, merch and more info please talk to the band: southwestrpz@gmail.com Facebook