Point Of No Return

[Vegan] [Straight Edge] [Metalcore]
(São Paulo, Brazil)

Point Of No Return, also known as PONR and XPONRX, was an active Brazilian (São Paulo) vegan straight edge metalcore band from 1996 to 2006. Point of No Return was one of the first Brazilian bands influenced by metalcore, popular in the US and Europe. The band was known for taking positions such as veganism and straight-edge.The lyrics focused on the so-called "social struggles of the third world", dealing with subjects such as the landless rural workers movement, the struggle against globalization and the Brazilian military dictatorship.

Point Of No Return - Centelha (2000)


1 Casa De Cabloco
2 Sparks
3 Resposta A Sangue E Fogo
4 Your Bosses' Utopia
5 Bate E Apanha
6 Bloodless Life
7 Again And Again
8 Letargia

Point Of No Return - Liberdade Imposta Liberdade Conquistada (2002)


1. Pedra
2. Cerca
3. Chibata
4. Tela
5. Forca
6. Espelho



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