Kompost - La Vera Bestia [Album Review / Stream / Download]

[Crust] [D-Beat] [Punk]
(Montebelluna, Italy) 

Kompost crust-core/D-beat band from Montebelluna, Italy. Formed in 2011, originally composed by Bre, Nicolò, Pozze and Pastic. In 2012 recorded and published a demo with 7 tracks (6 original songs plus a cover of "Fame" of Berserk). In 2014 the band have one change Ivan replaced Pastic (bass). In March of the same year with with the new line up the band played in the Czech Republic in two gigs. In 2015 the group decided to add a second guitar reaching the current formation where Ivan plays guitar and is replaced by Sarco at the bass guitar. "La Vera Bestia" is the brand new CD fully D.I.Y. (Recorded by Bre, Nicolò, Ivan and Pozze).

Kompost first D.I.Y. CD "La Vera Bestia" is raw as fuck, 10 songs full of fury, starting with a melodic intro to continue with the 2nd song called as the band "Kompost",  rage begins, emphasizing that between songs there are good rhythm changes and a powerful voice, has many remarkable aspects which makes it an enjoyable album. Almost 25 minutes in this album that they will pass without realizing, to listen to the full album again and again. 

"As for the CD to us is fine to put it online as a free download, we also have the physical CD,  if anyone wants it can ask directly to us or come to our gigs" *Kompost

Kompost - La Vera Bestia (2016)


01 - Intro
02 - Kompost
03 - Morbo
04 - È Scelta
05 - Metastasi
06 - Il Mondo Vomita
07 - In Gabbia (Dipendenza)
08 - Pietà
09 - (O)dio
10 - Prova a Pensare

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Kompost - La Vera Bestia (Full Album Stream)