Grieve / No Gods Split EP 2017 [Review]

[Grindcore][Powerviolence][Hardcore][Thrash Metal][Old School]
(Pennsylvania, USA)

New music drops now, with this bands from Pennsylvania. Grieve / No Gods Split EP (2017), 5 brutal songs, 3 by Grieve and 2 by No Gods.

We started with Grieve, a devastating grindcore / noise / powerviolence, crushing music, fast and faster, and good vocals work. It’s blasting, thrashing, pulverizing, and it has good changes to hardcore sound. About No Gods, old school thrash metal in the vein of Destruction, Sodom, but keeping the riffs and rhythms tight with some death metal elements. 9 minutes in length, it is a short time, but you can hear it over and over and you find more taste in this album. It's a good EP, personally I Like it a lot. So give it a listen, download it in their bandcamp and support both bands!!!

Grieve / No Gods Split EP (2017)


1. Snuffed (Grieve) 01:40
2. Dismal (Grieve) 01:19
3. Rot (Grieve) 00:44
4. Roots (No Gods) 02:19
5. Cruel Hand (No Gods) 02:41

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