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Continental HC. Started in summer of 2011 jamming at the MGM place in Sherbrooke QC. Recorded a 2 songs demo a few months later and started doing shows. After a few line up changes an 3 years of performing all around Quebec and Ontario. The band is releasing a 6 songs EP in late summer 2014. We are now looking for shows all around to promote our sound... Continental have shared the stage with such bands as Stray From The Path, Comeback Kid, Bane, With Life In Mind, Three Crowns, Backtrack, Obey The Brave, Knuckle Up, Leaders, Nothing Til Blood, Altars, Expire, No Bragging Rights, Get The Shot and many more...

[Hardcore] [Hardcore Punk] [Metalcore]
 (Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada)

Continental - MMXV


1. Blind Leader 02:03
2. Self Confident 02:16
3. Punchlines 02:31
4. Meltdown 03:02
5. Shaped Words 02:00
6. Organic Skyline 03:00

Continental MMXV EP out on Goldmine Records