Bokassa - Divide & Conquer [Review]

[Punk Rock][Hardcore][Stoner]

Bokassa is a Norwegian stonerpunk trio that fuse hardcore punk with stoner rock, are releasing their new album Divide & Conquer via All Good Clean Records.
The release date is March 25th for both LP and digital release.

About "Divide & Conquer", it's a very attractive album. 32 minutes of good music. Well, will be quickly. First song with an intro that goes us entering slowly to the next song "Last Night (Was a Real Massacre)", with all hardcore punk energy and fury, power and heavy riffs, good vocal work, and so on, highlighting songs like "Walker Texas Ranger", "Crocsodile Dundee" and "Five Finger Fuckhead". Then move on to the end, Immortal Space Pirate (The Stoner Anthem), which leaves us a great taste. Bokassa's debut album it's absolutely recommendable. Stay tuned!


Artist: Bokassa
Title: Divide & Conquer
Label: All Good Clean Records
Format: Digital / LP
Date: 25. March 2017