(Copenhagen, Denmark)

Straight outta the Copenhagen ghettos comes the gore splattered grindviolence outfit UxDxS. 

Driven forth by punishing blast beats and low-end distorted axe, the 4-piece has been around for 2 years playing a handful of shows in the suburban sewers of Cph.

”Too Fast For Love” is the debut recording of UxDxS and presents 15 minutes of pure sonic terrorism. 

UxDxS - Too Fast For Love (2014)


1. Nordvest Smokerstil 
2. Fistful Of Suicide 
3. Reefer Karma 
4. Strangled In Morbid Smoke 
5. The Struggle Is Real 
6. Regurgitation Of Corpse 
7. G-13 
8. Fuck Bitches Get Monetz 
9. Infection Of Death 
10. Mangled (By Rabid Dogs) 
11. Denim Demon (Turbonegro cover)