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So it's been awhile since we posted a new interview. That said we open a new season of interviews in 2017, this time we've got the opportunity to interview one in my opinion of the roughest bands in HC right now, our brothers from Through N Through. Taking influence from a bunch of metal and Hardcore Punk this band is a  true representation of the  solid foundation that hardcore was built on and maintain that fire we all know latinos have a ported through the history of this movement we so adore. This is interview seals the show Stay True Management it's throwing in the island of Puerto Rico with Through N Through and Turncoat. PRHC can't wait for this, we stoked!

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Yo guys whats up , hope everything is working fine for y'all , there's a lot of excitement for you guys coming over to PR and we gonna take this opportunity to get to know you guys better! First of Thank you for taking your time to answer these questions! Time is very valuable and we appreciate always bands taking time for this.

1. Please introduce yourselves, tell us where you from and what you do in the band? 

 Hey what's up this Ruben I'm from the neighborhood Little Village in Chicago I'm the Vocalist 

 2. How you guys put this together? 

The guitarist (Romario) and I met up one day and talked about possibly making a Hardcore band We both came from different Metal bands at the time and wanted to do something together since it seemed we were both really into several Hardcore bands. We are heavily influenced by Turnstile so it was really easy to go about it. Eventually our drummer(Isaiah) was asked to join the band since him and Romario were already in a band together and worked well together. We started writing songs and practicing a lot and knew playing shows had to be the next step and we got Alex to play bass  

3. How long you've been playing now?

We've been a band for 2 years now Individually we all started playing music in our teen years from being in different bands or jamming with different people but as Through N Through it's been 2 years and they've been really great and full of fun. 

4.What does Through and Through stands for as Band and what is the meaning of that name for all of you as members? Can you describe your sound ? Maybe give us a hint of what you guys can do Live?

I can really only speak for myself about what this and that stands for I want to say we all can agree on this It stands for us being friends and family no matter what, you know? We have each other's back through and through. This saying has always stuck to me. Growing up were we grew up you had to know who was really there for you and know who was a friend or foe so those that were true had your back through and through no matter what. Our sound is definitely a mix of everything Hardcore, Metal and Punk. We all have different influences and try to do what we like when we write music We write for ourselves and that's the way it works. Live I really don't know what to tell you However I can tell you when we are in Puerto Rico We'll give you everything we've got and I hope to see everything Puerto Rico's got  

5. How's the scene in Chicago treating you so far? How's the support? You've been playing a lot of shows lately ? 

It's been great at first it was really only the Punk Rockers who liked us. The Hardcore scene in the south side of Chicago was primarily Hardcore Punk. We started playing more shows outside our area and felt the support was hesitant at first but once they heard us people liked it and dug our style of this genre and we appreciate that to the fullest. Lately we have been playing once or twice a month not really trying to burn ourselves out and keep it fresh. A lot of these shows are out of state. 

6. You got any Albums or something on the works, tell us more about the song "Cut the shit" that? Something special about this song you want to share with Us?  

Oh yea we just finished recording a new EP titled Give Me Hate I'm announcing that here by the way! Funny thing about Cut the Shit, it came out of an inside joke There is a story to it I guess one day we were all drunk and just left a party and wanted to get food so we couldn't decide knowing a restaurant was in front of us named "El Molino" Some how I said "Yo Isaiah said cut the shit Molinos or what?" Which Isaiah claims he never said it. It became a thing we would randomly say that eventually we made it into a song title and the song has nothing to do with that drunk night but the song is about doing things right and not doing stupid stuff It also was made into a meme of me but that's a different story. Just want to make it clear this all happened before I decided to go Straight Edge.

7. What are the plans and what can we expect from Through N Through this year? What next for you guys?

We are releasing the new EP "Give Me Hate" Getting ready to hit up the west coast in March. There is a lot that we are planning as time goes and part of that is playing different states and in this case a different country which I'm proud to be playing in PR soon. Playing in Latin America for me is very important 

8. You guys playing Puerto Rico on February 2017 alongside with Turncoat, what up with that? Have you heard any bands from PR? You stoked about this? What are your expectations regarding this show?

Yea we are and very excited Can't wait for 2017 to begin. Yea Our drummer played with Drowning down in PR this past summer and showed me Down In Terror and a couple other bands. I thought wow man PR has a beautiful scene it's great to know more Latinos are doing this and it makes me proud. We are beyond excited Being a band who represents Latinos/Latinas in the Hardcore scene and getting to play La isla Borinqueña is something you really only dream about Now we get to make that into a goal and are very honored and humbled by this opportunity. We are all Mexican American in this band so getting to play Latin America is more than important. I really don't expect anything I'm going with the attitude of if you like us then you like us and we appreciate it and love you for it. Once we hit that stage I'll pour my heart out and so will the rest of the band.  

9. Any Shout outs ?? Special Thanks ???

Definitely first off Lou Mendoza for believing in Through N Through and giving us the opportunity to play Puerto Rico, Hermano Gracias! 
Bryan from Drowning for convincing me to play outside of Little Village and always giving our band more than one opportunities. We love you brother. 
The OGs of Little Village and Pilsen Los Crudos and Los Eskeletos Letting people know there is more out there than what society has planned for us. 
La Armada for giving Latinos/minorities a voice in Hardcore and Punk
Our boys in Backbone, Kharma, The Truth, Turncoat, Drowning, Habitats, Decline So many to name! Thank you Midwest Hardcore! 
The homeboy Sergio Segura 
Ricardo Perez and Kels Alonzo for making our ugly faces look cool for promo pics. 
Basically anyone who has believed in this band and sang along with and play with us 

We love you all!