Swarm Of Rats. Interview

Interview with the heavy hardcore band  Swarm Of Rats from Katerini, Greece, about the band, among other things.

ILM: Hey guys, How are you? Firstly thank you for taking time for an interview. Please introduce short yourself. Since when do you make music together, how many members you are and so on?

SOR: Hello we’re good,thank you for giving us the chance as this is our first interview ever Our names and roles in the band are: Gio-vocals, Chris-guitar, Soc-guitar, Thanos-drums and our newest member Spyros-bass so the band started with Gio and Soc back in early 2k14 we had some small line-up changes but here we are.

ILM: You release soon your first EP "KCHC". How was the feedback to the record so far?

SOR: We released 3 songs called Weight,Public Threat featuring Vulture Mode and a lyric video for Breakdown of Society featuring Overpain, so far the feedback was pretty good, we didn't except anything too big or something  we just do what we love.

ILM: Which bands and music do you count to your influences and how would you describe you music? Which three words fit best to Swarm Of Rats?

SOR: It's better to just say music cuz there’s a lot of different bands each one of us is listening to We have influences from oldschool death metal to thrash to oi to hip hop.Everyone is putting his own tastes and we combine them together to get something we like. 3 words…. Rats.not.copycats

ILM: Where else does Swarm Of Rats usually get its inspiration from? Which themes you're treated in your songs?

SOR: Our inspiration is our reality ,the best way to see what I'm talking about is to listen to our music but long story short the filth of society, situations we live/lived and pretty much everything that gave us a reason to write a song and don’t get a gun to solve it any other way hahaha

ILM: How is the Hardcore scene in Greece?

SOR: The hardcore scene in Greece,I wouldn’t say scene as there is none. I mean there are a lot of bands that have their own people/scene/crew call it whatever you want but ya know its not united and maybe it’s better that way. We dont see eye to eye with some people on what hardcore should be and we don't want anything to do with them

ILM: What personally means hardcore to you?

SOR: Pff,ya know first got into it back in 2012 and I know that I’m not old and I'm not years in this but with hardcore I found a place of salvation for the grimness of this so called life we ‘’live’’. I mean my problems didn’t get solved but with hardcore I found people who feel the burden and the sorrow and the hatei feel ,everyone is carrying some weight on their back and here you’ll find some people who will take some of it off and you’ll do the same for them and this is how we’ve built our hardcore scene in our town,but to make it more clear hardcore keep my life kicking. We live for this, we ain’t living FROM this if ya know what I’ma trying to say

ILM: What are you doing otherwise besides music? Work? Hobbies?

SOR: We have different taste in hobies likes graffiti tags,movies,video games and shit reading books and more things as for work nah this shit aint around here much,searching in a town that everything goes mouth to mouth not chance some of us had to leave the hometown we love so to make it find a job.

ILM: What are your hearing at the moment and what was in your opinion the best album of last year?

SOR: Uhh lot of stuff man Out To Win, Lifeless, Length Of Time are some of them and a tone of other bands haha.
Best album of the year, pff can’t choose one so I’ll throw 1-2 that got me really good Cruel Hand – YWWL , Life After Death – Friends fade enemies stay and really liked the split of Full of Hell/Nails.

ILM: Here are some tags. What do you think about it?

- Soccer: We aren't interested in soccer. We dont support any team.
 - 90’s Hardcore: We like the more groovy 90's bands like irate,spineless h8000era and EGH. We like the oldscool and the newschool bands too but our musffic is definatelly closer to the 90's stuff
-  Straight Edge: We dont drink excessivly nor do we do drugs but we are not a straight edge band only our vocalist is straight edge
-  Religion: We dont believe in a god or gods.We respect people who do but we dont

ILM: Final words and greetings?

SOR: A shoutout to everyone who supported us so far to your blogspot and any similar pages/blogspots doing this work for the underground mostly scene and to everyone take care out there this world ain’t nice.

By: Joe Gallardo / I Love Mosh ILM Familia

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Swarm Of Rats - Breakdown Of Society (ft. Overpain) Lyric Video