Horrible Earth

[Grindcore]  [Punk] [Powerviolence]
 (Boston, MA, USA)

In 2015 there was a shuffling of members and Tim Morse (original and final drummer of Anal Cunt) and Tom Lee (guitarist of Boston punk hardcore band For the Worse) joined Horrible Earth and aggressively began to write and play shows half way across the U.S. and Canada. In March of 2016 they brought all their skills and experience to New Alliance studios in Cambridge Massachusetts and produced and recorded their new album named "Typical Human Behavior" 

An unapologetic overpowering chaotic horde of blistering grindcore! , they thank no one!

Debut full length from Boston grindcore Horrible Earth. Fast loud and to the point.

Horrible Earth - Typical Human Behavior (2016)


1. Intro 
2. Symbolic Ritual Symbolic Death 
3. Bad Batch 
4. Kill to Preserve 
5. Cthonian Haunt 
6. Carinogenic Dinner 
7. Endless War 
8. Typical Human Behavior 
9. Shrine 
10. Relative to My Interests 
11. De-Educate 
12. Lethargic Cattle 
13. The Standard Is Misery 
14. The Greenery

Horrible Earth - Horrible Earth (2013)

1. Bloated Carcass 01:14
2. Embrace Eris 01:30
3. Resistor 00:51
4. World Wide Famine 02:31
5. Pleasure To Burn 01:07
6. Endless War 01:06
7. Vultures Picking At Vultures 01:41
8. They're All Dead 00:56
9. This Intervening Cabal 02:07

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Horrible Earth - Typical Human Behavior (2016) Streaming Full Album