[Oldschool Death Metal]
 (CDMX, Mexico)

Frost Image is the prototypical ‘90s death metal album; short bites of ruthless fury about terminal illnesses and shattered dreams. They wisely avoided the childish Satanic jargon, sticking to more realistic and personal content. The music can be compared to Incantation or At The Gates, though without the tight musicianship. 

Though it isn’t a technical masterpiece, Frost Image contains some wicked tunes enhanced by brutal growls and dive-bomb guitar solos. These songs fit with the time period it was released during, however dated it may sound compared to the today’s metal. “Naked Flame” and “Confused Wires” are late favorites, tipping the quality scale in favor of the latter half of the album.

Bloodsoaked - Frost Image (1993)


1. Became Frost Image 04:17  
2. Emptiness 02:59
3. Terminal Sickness 03:03 
4. Soul Eater 03:13
5. Insensible (Drive Me) 03:15
6. Frigid Prescence 03:39
7. Sadness to Come 04:23
8. Naked Flame 03:05
9. Confused Wires 02:38
10. Doorside to Nowhere 03:09
11. Abssesion 03:41
12. Mising the Light 03:34

Bloodsoaked - The Omen (7EP 1994)


1. Rising.
2. S.H.C.
3. Buried Under My skin