[Indie Punk Rock]
 (Montpellier, France)

Quitters - Move On To Honest Things  (KRD001)

1. I think about these things when I'm drinking
2. Runaway (feat Theo - Water Mane)
3. Dear Friend
4. Dead Lungs
5. Leave Your Bruises


KRD005 - FIRE AT WILL 'Life Goes On'
KRD006 - COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY 'Anyone & Everyone'
KRD00A - KILL HER FIRST 'Born To Be Strong'
KRD007 - THE DEADNOTES 'I'll Kiss All Fears Out Of Your Face'
KRD008 - ADVERSITY 'Figure Out'


[Hardcore Metal]
 (Liege, Belgium) (Toxcity Hardcore)

As It Hurts -  Left For Dead Feat.Jens From Escape 
(Single from upcoming  EP "Real Beginning")

By Band Request



[Beatdown Hardcore] [Heavy Hardcore] [Hip Hop] [Compilation]

18 tracks for free.
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1. DROWNING - Dead End (Chicago, USA) 02:58
2. FALLEN ANGELS CREW - Тактика Выжженой Земли - Scorched Earth Policy (Moscow, Russia) 02:46
3. ZERO - Worm (NorthWest, USA) 01:44
4. A CALL FOR REVENGE - Blood Demands Blood (Federal District, Mexico) 03:53
5. CONCRETE - Perjurer (New York, USA) 03:59
6. EASY MONEY - Menace II Society (The Midas Touch) (Arizona, USA) 02:49
7. MENTAL STRENGTH - Убежденность (Melitopol ,Ukraine) 02:49
8. BIG LO - Eighty-Six BPM (Florida, USA) 01:13
9. SUPREMACY - Southpaw (Texas, USA) 02:47
10. REALITY GRIP - Mind Strife feat. Zaquery Thomas of Casket (Kansas, USA) 03:07
11. TIME SPENT - 1% Feat. Lenny Fletcher of Concrete (NJ/NY, USA) 03:06
12. BAD BLOOD - Pull The Plug (Ontario, Canada) 02:11
13. STEEL CITY FIRM - Die Alone (Pittsburgh, USA) 03:27
14. STATE OF PAIN - Death Row Feat. EZ Fuel (Singapore) 02:43
15. CAPITOL OFFENSE - At Your Feet (Illinois, USA) 03:14
16. ASD - Defeat (Indiana, USA) 02:12
17. SUPREME RITUAL - Burn Within (Maryland, USA) 04:10
18. MAD DIESEL - Radical Left (New York, USA) 01:53


Summertime Stomp Compilation Review

Worldwide Underground [Compilation], [Review], [Beatdown Hardcore], [Heavy Hardcore], [Metallic Hardcore] (USA)
The summer is here, has come up with force, from the hand of my brothers from Worldwide underground. Summertime Stomp, will be responsible for destroying your summer, 18 heavy hardcore / metallic / beatdown and hip hop (plus) bands around the world.
The compilation starts with the Chicago beatdown style of Drowning, from the first moment is a hard kick in the head. Followed by Fallen Angels Crew from Moscow Russia, this is even stronger, as they pass the songs, increase strength, power and desire to be inside the pit.
I been enjoying every moment, because i didn't know about many bands in this comp, now I have to keep and eye in all, mentioning bands that I've worked on I Love Mosh, Easy Money & Mad Diesel
For a compilation, this is as well produced as some bands proper albums, there is still a rawness that definitely benefits the bands and is packed full of great songs and confirms the fact that Spit It Out are definitely some bands to keep an eye on for the future.
Worldwide Underground are doing a solid job in representing the talent coming out around the world and this compilation will leave you as fans of some of the bands featured.
Featuring: Supremacytx - Fallen Angels Crew - ZERO - A Call For Revenge - Reality Grip - Mental Strength - Time Spent - ASD - Bad Blood - Easy Money - Supreme Ritual - Drowning - CONCRETE - Steel City Firm - Capitol Offense - State Of Pain + Mad Diesel + A Hip Hop Feature from Big Lo
Stay tuned. Release Date Friday, August 5th, 2016
By Joe Gallardo / I Love Mosh