Fullminator - New Trash Metal Sensation in PR


Hey Joey here once again bringing you a fresh new band, this time we are talking about a trash metal band from Puerto Rico called “Fullminator”. Fullminator has been capturing everyone’s eye in the puertorican metal scene, gaining the respect and filling that need to continue developing great metal music in the small island. There are other great metal bands at the moment in the island I think everybody agrees on that, it is a great moment for the scene in PR ,  but without doubt Fullminator has become quite a sensation in Puerto Rico and it just keeps getting better. I personal had the opportunity to see them perform live and it was phenomenal.... I mean first things first, these guys are wearing gas masks in a tropical island over 80 degrees and still play solid music and an exquisite perfomance, you could see people getting into the pub to check out the great sounding band! Overall “Fullminator” its an excellent band with great musicians and a great show reinforced with a greater performance, these kids, im telling you , dont sleep on them!!! I see a great future ahead, check out the interview we in ILM did with them!!!!

Go check this guys out - FB [FULLMINATOR]

Go check this  live performance video is just awesome!-


Whats up guys , I know we all have pretty busy lives but as always I want to start thanking you for sharing your time with Us and for dedicating your most precios time in making the world a better place through music…. With that said….
1. Introduce Fulminator to the people reading this blog .Where you from and what you do in the band?
No problem, thank you for having us! Well I'd like to start off saying that we all come from different backgrounds. I, Reptilian Deluxe am the vocalist and I'm from Earth. Commissar Gartallax is our Drummer, Blowmeux is our bassist, Kiununtriux is our backup vocalist and rhythm guitarrist and Imperial Shaggyx is our lead guitarrist. All of which come from the future (Specifically the year 6969) in a distant galaxy.
2. How you guys put this together? How long youve been playing now?
The band started out with Gartallax, Blowmeux and Kiununtriux. We were going to take a more serious, Slayer-ish approach but we realized we can be more than that. We've been around for about two years if I'm not mistaken, we've been playing that long. But because we were active as a tribute band before Fullminator was even a thing (with a slightly different line-up) I'd say we've been around for longer, maybe 3 or 4 years.

3.What does Fulminator stands for as Band and what is the meaning of that name.Can you describe your sound ?
We stand for having a good time, but at the same time melting faces, we just want to party and be partied with. If you get in our face we'll break yours, simple as that. The name Fullminator is adapted from the word "fulminator" which by definition is to destroy, we added the second "L" because it looks way more badass. I'd describe our sound as "Party Thrash" yeah we sing about murder and suicide but it still sounds fun as hell so we make the best of it!

4. Hows the scene in PR treating you so far? Hows the support? Youve been playing a lot of shows lately ? What can we expect from Fulminator live?
The scene in PR has treated us greatly, our emergence was a quick one and the support has been great, we're glad we have the power and the sound to make it up there with the bigger bands in the scene. We have, in 2016 we've been playing non-stop for the first 5 months of the year. Mostly in other parts of the island other than the Metro area. From Fullminator live you can expect some really badass stage presence, it's only going to get crazier from here, you might have heard that in our last biggest show "Thrash Assault Part 2" we had a robot, you can expect more of those, more characters, and better live performances.

5. How you guys came up with all the stuff you do and have on stage wich by the way its fuckin awesome…?
Honestly, I don't know, it all goes on in Gartallax's head, it's amazing and a mystery. Obviously we all pitch in our ideas, but all the theatrical stuff is thought up by Gratallax.
6. What can people expect from Fulminator Live? What are your expectations and what do you want to achieve?
As mentioned above, better live performances and more giant robots/creatures!! The return of Crackbot and the rise of Puke Queen! Personally, I don't know what to expect, but my gut tells me we're going to get very far, farther than most bands make it. As for what we want to achieve, I'd say what most other young party aliens in bands want: to party all over the world. But we're very serious, and persistent, we hope to be able to make it to where the top bands are right now, we don't want to be world famous or extremely rich, but we want to be able to live off of what we do. 7 Any EP’s , or Albums coming out soon?
We currently have our very first EP "From The Future" it's got 6 songs which was a success among the scene, and it was a fun journey so let's hope our upcoming material is just as fun and equally as badass. I'm going to leave it at that, but I would advise to be attentive to our facebook and instagram pages, that's where we're going to be announcing some really good stuff very soon.
8. What are the plans and what can we expect from Fulminator this year? What next for you guys?
Right now we're just planning, but you can expect less shows. We really don't know what's next, we're at this stage where everything is just constant grinding to make ourselves better. We haven't even had time to practice from all the shows we've been playing, so sadly, we're going to be playing less shows for now, but keep your heads high because when we hit the stages we're coming to rip your faces off.

9. Any Shout outs ?? Special Thanks ???
We'd like to thank Screwface and Zafakon, especially Chopa and Weslie (Respectively) since I don't think we would be where we are now if it wasn't for them noticing Fullminator. We'd like to thank Eluid Vazquez, he's doing the whole scene a great service thanks to his videos. Pepe Pesante, the Massa brothers from the West, the boys at Calamity, but we'd like to thank everyone in the scene for receiving us with open arms, what we do isn't only for ourselves but for whoever wants to follow us. Keep it alive, Party Aliens.








Hey Guys , It’s been a long way once we talk. Lots of time but this is one of those friendships that you m\can make through music and lasas like brotherhood, so is a very special interview for me guys, I met you guys back in 2012 I think it was during Sentenced to Fight’s first US tour in New Jersey, it was Troy’s B-Day, and the place was packed! and you guys where awesome with all the help and support and until today we still appreciate all that… with that said….
1. Introduce yourselves please guys tell Us where you from and what you do in the band?
Im Chris AKA Wojo i do vocals, then we have Dav on guitar, Dane on bass, and Nasty Nate on drums. Half of us are from Western MA and the other half is from Upstate NY.2. What “Before I Had wings” stands for? Whats the meaning of the bands name?
2. How you guys got together? How many years does BIHW has been together?
The meaning behind BEFORE I HAD WINGS is something our guitarist Dav came up with. Its hard to explain so if anyone really wants to know, you just gotta ask him. Alot of people are kind of surprised when they finally hear us because the band name doesnt really fit our sound but we've been together under that name for 7 years now so we arent about to change it.
3. Can you describe your sound ?
Dav and I decided to start a new project after another band we were in together broke up. We didnt have a drummer or bassist at the time so Him and I wrote all these songs in his old apartment on a drum machine. We did what we had to do to get something going. Our really old stuff is corny and we kind of pretend it doesnt exist haha but thats where we started. Nate joined a couple of years later after we released our first EP "Burn The Impure" and Dane just joined earlier this year.
4. I just saw you guys drop a new Album “ Dethroned” .Can you tell us more about it and what can we expect from your latest work? Hows the support?

Everyone might have a different opinion on what we sound like but to keep it simple, we coin ourselves as a mosh band. We are heavily influenced by early 2000 "tough guy" heavy hardcore bands, moshcore, and even modern beatdown. We blend all 3 as best as we possibly can. As for bands that people compare us to, we get early Hatebreed alot which we love haha
5. What can we expect from IBIHW for the rest of this year?
our new EP "Dethroned" is basically a collection of older songs rerecorded with 2 new songs thrown in. We are working on a full length for later this year and since we havent released anything really significant since 2012 we decided to release this EP to hold people over til we can finish the full length which will have ALL brand new songs. The support for Dethroned has been amazing, actually alot more than I expected but i always expect the worst, thats just my personality so. Im hoping its finally brought us some justice cause some of our older recordings werent up to par with our likings.
6. Youve been playing a lot of shows , any memory of one of them in special you want to talk to Us about? Hows the support for you guys overall?
Honestly we arent doing a hell of alot due to me having a baby in September. Playing only a few shows this summer and a small tour in November that should be announced shortly. Other than that we should be finishing up the full length and hopefully be recording it by fall early winter.
7. You got your new single “ Dethroned” up in Youtube and social media, Can you explain the meaning of this song to you, whats the message behind all this lyrics?
The meaning behind the song "Dethroned" is pretty straight forward like the majority of my lyrics. Songs is about people acting like you owe them something just because of their social status. I feel like theres alot of that bullshit in the hardcore scene personally but to be fair theres alot of that bullshit EVERYWHERE! Thats just everyday life. BIHW has never been a band to kiss anyones ass for anything. We got to where we were cause of hard work and sincerely giving a shit about this band. We will never bow to someone to gain exposure or any other type of connection. We know who backs us sincerely, thats all that counts. All the other lyrics for the EP are straight forward. I dont like to hide what the songs are about, i like listeners to grasp exactly what im trying to get across, there are no secret meanings or anything stupid like that. I like being as real as i can be, I like people being able to relate as much as possible.

8. Chris you guest spot on a song from another great band from NY Death Grip? How was working with those guys and what can you tell us about that song? 
I've known the guys in Death Grip for a couple years now. Completely under rated band. Love their music and mentality towards being in a band. They asked me to drop a guest spot on a new song and of course i did. Song rules, EP rules, band rules. Check out Death Grip, hardcore from PA.
9. What next for you guys?
Next for BIHW is small tour in November, new Full Length coming soon, then who knows what the next few years show. Hoping to be able to get out to new places and possibly even overseas. Just keep supporting us and we'll keep writing the mosh.
10. Any Shout outs ?? Special Thanks ???
FWH RECORDS, anyone who sincerely gives a shit about what we do, all the bands we've had the pleasure of sharing stages with, and KFC for feeding our fatass's on the road.

Blank Look

[Grindcore] [Hardcore] [Powerviolence]
 (Phoenix, AZ, USA) 

Blank Look - Pain (Release Date: 6/25/16)

1. Intro
2. Pain
3. Piss On My Grave
4. Nosebleed
5. Shattered
6. Bomb The Streets
7. Ill Since Birth

By Band Request



 [Metallic Hardcore] [NuMetal] [90's Hardcore]
(Pennsylvania, USA), 

5-piece band from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, USA

CARRIED AWAY - Common Case of Shut The Fuck Up (Self-released Demo 2016)


1. Let It Go
2. Don’t Look
3. Unabashed
4. Never Enough
5. Memories

By Band Request




Death Comes Home has been a band to look up since the day they came out a couple of years ago. They had this fresh metalcore tunes with that strong vocal presence. Very awesome band live too. They released The pursuers EP before gone MIA and it whats a very complete EP, defined their sound and gave the scene a new band to look out for. They dissapeared from the PR scene for a couple of months now they are back, and what a comeback! Their new single “The Sleepwalker” its already up and sounds insane! Had the opportunity to interview these guys out, incredibly humble and down to earth. Check this guys out on [FACEBOOK], give em a like and support your local music Worldwide. 

 The Sleepwalker Official Video

Heres the Interview we did with the guys in DCH:

Good evening and thank you for sharing your time with Us here in ILM.

1. What does Death Comes Home stand for? Where are you from? Please introduce yourselves.

The name was taken from the title of a chapter in a Clive Barker book called 'Weaveworld'.

Our lineup consists of Carlos Rosa (guitar) Emanuel Calderón (vocals) Raphiel Hernandez (drums)
Eloy Otero (guitar) and Roberto Santiago (bass). We are from Vega Baja and Carolina, Puerto Rico.

2.How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

We've known each other for almost 5 years now. We all used to play in different bands and met 
through Carlos, who was the engineer and producer behind those band's recordings.

3.When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

The band was formed in 2012. Carlos had all these songs written for an EP, but had no members to actually
play live. He decided to put us all together and created sort of a "supergroup" from members of the bands he recorded.

4.What message are you trying to send with your music?

Most of our songs are based around storytelling. Our themes revolve around the struggle and disappointment
that a human being may go through which in a lot of cases take people to abandon their faith, whether it's religion, or anything that a person may dedicate their whole lives to with nothing in return.

5.What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge?

We think our biggest challenge is actually being heard. Meaning around the globe. The support here on the island is great, but we want to push further
and be heard in other places as well. It's a slow process, but we're sure with enough patience and dedication we can get there.

6.You guys were out of the PR scene for a pretty long time now. What happened, and what motivated you guys to return?

Yeah, our band broke up in 2013 after the departure of our original vocalist Chance Mize. Carlos took a break from heavy music, forming
his other rock band Ghosteater. After a while, he got into heavy music again and started writing new material that inspired him to bring
Death Comes Home back from the dead.

7.How are the people in PR taking your return and what plans do you guys have for DCH in 2016? Any upcoming tours or

Suprisingly well! We are getting a lot of good feedback on the new material, especially on Emanuel as our new vocalist, and we couldn't be happier!
We are currently on the final steps of recording our debut album which is titled "Reinvent". It is set to be released later this year.

8.How does the music you are doing now compare to the things you did before?

We are much more melodic now. Emanuel has a great singing voice, so we wanted to explore that side a lot more.
The new songs have quite a lot of energy. They are so much fun to play!

9.Your new single is already out! Nice video by the way. What can you guys tell us about this song "The Sleepwalker"?

Thanks! The Sleepwalker is basically about a person who goes into a killing spree while he's asleep. At the end he wakes up with his hands
dripping blood, confused at what is going on, but at the same time knowing exactly what he did. 

Another classic example of storytelling through our lyrics. Carlos and Emanuel are huge fans of horror movies and some themes tend to take 
a dark turn.

10.Thanks for your time. Any shout outs? Special thanks?

Sure! It was a pleasure. We'd like to thank Metal Underground for premiering our music video.



This  new song is beast! These guys are really killing it with that old school style, still rough streaming vocals to give that warm old school touch, but still these guys managed to incorporate things from the new hardcore scene, making a very original sound that definitively is worth to try , give them a Try! these guys are solido Also Joey interviene this new band from Puerto Rico, and you can read it here !  catch them on  [FACEBOOK]


OK Guys , thanks for letting me interview you...

1. Okay Lets start with Shakil, tell us about Down In Terror and where are you guys from?

Shakil: we've all played before with one another in other projects, but after some lineup changes the gods bestowed upon us Ricky and so the recording endeavour began...

2. Down In Terror formed  in 2015 , tell us how it all started, tell us more about how Ricky from Jersey got into the band?

Carlos: Originally we had a different line up and different name but due to incoveniences with every day things we ended up scrapping everything and starting anew; enter Ricky. Down In Terror started as a social criticism, sort of a voice for a group of people that dont necessarily have an emissary thats actually relatable. 

Ricky: I had just moved back home to PR from jersey early 2015 and had no intention of playing music for the time being since i was more focused on getting myself together. A year passes and Shakil lets me know theyre trying out vocalists for a hardcore band and it sparked my interest because as some may know the economic and social situarion in Puerto Rico is pretty rough at the moment and sadly barely anyone knows of it. I clicked instantly with the guys because of our common interests in the misrepresentation and the injustice that happens daily on an island that some may think of only as a sunny vacation island where everything is a happy. 

3. Yo Ricky ,Your First single “ Bad Honor” is out this month  tell us more about that song , what does it mean, anything in particular about those deep lyrics?

Bad honor is the first track we ever put out also the first we made as a band. Lyrically I wanted to write a short to the point statement to people in and out of hardcore who believe their attitude or "intelligence" puts them above others I try to keep our lyrics as down to earth and relatable as possible so that no matter where youre from, you will relate to the words. 

4. What are your plans as a band for this year?
Finish writing our demo tape and play some shows in our local area to spread the name. 
9. Your now working with Stay True Management, tell us about that?
Ricky: Lou is actually a close friend i met back in middle school. so when the idea of him managing us came up we were all for it
10. What can we expect with Down in Terror in the near future? any tours coming up?
No tours in the works as of yet but very soon we will be mapping out where we can go and take our music
11. Last words , shout outs? 
Thank you to anyone who is supporting us Alaso we have a  big thank you to Sentenced To Fight for showing us support at such an early stage in our tenure. Not a lot of bands are that gracious and we appreciate it"


[Old School] [Hardcore Punk]
 (Zlotow, Poland)

REGIMENT - Wyznanie (2016)

1. Tytan 03:21
2. Więcej od życia 01:51
3. HC wspólna droga 02:06
4. Krew za krew 02:38
5. Serce hardcore 02:16
6. Moja Próba 02:19
7. Wyznanie 02:56
8. Świadectwo 02:55
9. Valkiria 01:47
10. Powstań 02:35
11. Inny świat 02:30
12. Załoga 01:51

By Band Request



[Beatdown Hardcore] [Grindcore] [Crust] [Hip Hop]
 [Hardcore Metal] [Punk Rock] [Melodic  Hardcore] 
[Crossover] [Powerviolence] [Psychobilly] [Death Metal]


1. Wewain - Leon Santillan 
2. Nuevo Eden - Jamás Retroceder 
3. D-PELT - Back To The Roots Feat. ALMOE 
4. Mad Diesel - Post-Mortem Beatdown 
5. JustinHate - Order Of The Vulture 
6. Last Drop - Another Lie 
7. Middlename - SuperCAPITALISTfragilisticexpialidocious 
8. Cry Excess - Unto Death 
9. DreadWolf - Cleansing 
10. Colosvs - Damned Feat. Jerry Sicko Moran & Puto Penny 
11. Drop Out of Life - Brian / Harvey 
12. Dusted - Move 
13. Ian Rosewood - Roses 
14. Easy Money - Menace II Society (The Midas Touch) 
15. When Worlds Collide - Silent Collapse 
16. The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Ghost Riders (Flame On, Scumbags!) 
17. Old Enemies - Call For Unity 
18. Manipulation - The Paradigm Of Existence 
19. Fzcking - Criminales 2 Feat. Puto Penny, BVL, Subzero Hxc, Mono 12, Rabyah & D-Pelt 
20. Ura De Dupa Usa - You Saved My Life 
21. PLEAD4MERCY - Pain 
22. Stand For Revenge - Represent 
23. Justice Keeper - True & Through 
24. Negative CORE Project - Save The Fucking Puppies 
25. Feetback - Hit The Pain 
26. Cartilage - Moon Lava Lamp 
27. Shifted Tx - Solidarity 
28. Martirio - Preludio De Una Guerra Inminente 
29. Gutter Monk - Politricks (Ruff Reference Mix) 
30. First Division - DirtyTricks 
31. Royal 86 - Gillyweed 
32. Face Your Enemy - Teschio Truck 
33. Torment - Tricked By My Own Mind 
34. The Meliorist - Love Made Devils Of Us Both! 
35. H8 - Inimi Cusute 
36. Bitter,Cold - Broken Youth 
37. Ser Uno Siempre - He De Volver 
38. Through The Lies - Reload Your Soul 
39. Levate - Syncope 
40. Outbreak Hate - Cheers (See You In Hell) [Remix] 
41. N.O.F.E. - Nuestra Fuerza 
42. Behind The Lights - The Prison 
43. Pure Rage - Can't Escape 
44. Rapid Face - Jekyll 
45. Defunct - Crack Headed Whore 
46. Relative - We Go Pogo 
47. DFC - Porrada de rua 
48. ŠTÁB ZS-CO - Stress of failure 
49. The Grindful Dead - Facebooker 
50. Riseout - Satu 
51. Rock n Ghena - My World To Take 
52. Johnny Unstoppable - Devil Loves You
53. Throughout - One Vision 
54. Bronson A.D. - Wash Your Hands In Innocence 
55. Sobre Mi Cadaver - Appreciate What You Have 
56. Take No More - Into Despair 
57. Soulare - Blaspherospasmia 
58. Still On Warpath - Dolor 
59. Lenguarmada - TxVxMxOxRx (BEAT-KWERVO) 
60. Trigger - Himne Bahara 
61. Fight Another Day - Open Mind 
62. Hold - I've Got Nothing To Hide 
63. Human Brutality - Time To Break Free

Thanks to MBS 687, Chula Crew 33, 126 Clothing, Ripping Family Booking, Hardcore United Romania (Thank you Vlad Iliescu for all the support), to all bands for join our project, labels, friends, fans & all ILM Familia for support… Enjoy!

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