[Hip Hop] [Rap] [Beatdown Hardcore]
(Berlin, Germany)

D-PELT - Kulturschock
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01 Dialektik (Demo)
02 Kulturschock
03 Hammerhart
04 Negative Music For A Positive Way
05 Public Eye Award (hosted by Ill Bill)
06 Schluss mit Entertainment
07 Suicide by Radio (Novatore ft. D-PELT)
08 HCIK (Anticops ft. Daniel Gun & D-PELT)
09 Süchtig
10 Strange Days (ft. Almoe - hosted by Necro)

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[Hip Hop] [Rap] [Beatdown Hardcore]
(Berlin, Germany)

D-PELT - Instinct
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 01 Instinct
02 Kickin' On Apollo feat. KIZAD
03 Puppenspieler - hosted by SLAINE
04 Soulmate-chen
05 Hände hoch
06 Folge den Spuren feat. NOVATORE
08 NWO feat. FzcKING (Bonus)

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[Hip Hop] [Rap] [Beatdown Hardcore]
(Berlin, Germany)

D-PELT & ALMOE - Oldschool Berlin Hardliner EP (May 11, 2016)
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1. D-PELT & ALMOE - Back to the roots 03:31 
2. D-PELT & ALMOE - Kapuze auf dem Schädel 03:21  
3. D-PELT & ALMOE - Dope! 03:44 
4. Süchtig 04:05 
5. ALMOE - Lass mich raus 03:42

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[Progressive] [Hardcore Punk]
(Vienna, Austria) 


Progressive Hardcore Punk has conquered the hearts of many rebels due pioneers as Northlane, Architects and While She Sleeps. Levate absorbs that melodic ambience and adds a bucket of Hardcore Punk brutality to the mix. Expect an emotional roller-coaster of fierce guitar play and soul-piercing harmonies. Levate brings you rough, atmospheric Punk that flirts with Progressive Metal.
The mutinous launched their first single “Syncope” at the start of 2016 and are charging towards the next step in their musical career. There is something to look forward to this year, because the band is currently preparing their debut EP to be launched fall 2016, redefining Hardcore Punk as we know it.

Levate - Syncope (Single May 1, 2016)

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Emergency Attack compilation # 3

Emergency Attack compilation # 3 OUT NOW!!!

 Emergency Attack 3 DIY compilation is out now !!!
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Abolish mornings (India)
 Abominations all over (Belgium)
 Agathocles (Belgium)
 Agent Patogen (Spain)
 Arquivo morto (Brazil)
 Badak militia  (Indonesia)
 Corporation is exploitation (Belgium)
 Doomsister (France)
 Extinct! (Germany)  
 Kingterror (Belgium )
 Konaklysm (Indonesia)
 Massive Genital Erection  (Indonesia)
 Over Power (Indonesia) 
 SampleViolence (Belgium)
 Sars (Indonesia)
 Shit fucking shit (Italy)
 Society Prison Complex (Germany)
 The Grindful Dead (Brazil)
 Travølta (Belgium)
 Tremor (Brazil)
Tumor Ganas
What  I Want (Brazil)
Vagina Dentata (Indonesia)
XrepeatX (India)
 Yattai (France)
A collaborative project between klinik 66 and C.R.A.P.

Tiger Shot - A Call For Unity Feat Damn City & Da4th (Lyric Video)

[Hardcore Metal] [2 Step] [Mosh]
 (South Italy)

New single 2016 from TIGER SHOT, Cagliari (Italy) mosh 2step hardcore. Mixed and Mastered by Leandro "Ando" Ferraiuolo at Till Deaf Recording Studio, Caserta (Italy).

Feat by Alex from Damn City and Juan from Da4th.

Anguere Brazil

[Hardcore] [Crossover]  [Thrash Metal] [Grindcore]
 (Rio Claro-SP)Brasil)


Formed in late 2008 in the city of Rio Claro, SP, ANGUERE band brings a violent repertoire seeking to make an amalgamation of some Brazilian music features with various styles of heavy music, performing an angry and aggressive sound.

In 2009 recorded his first studio work with name-Anguere Anguere. The independent character of CD contains six tracks and is being distributed since its release. 

In 2014 the band back ANGUERE to produce more independent work, enters the studio to record launching HxCxRxC containing three tracks, nothing more than a preview of things to come for 2015 with full force. 

In 2015 abanda in full swing back to the studio and this time for production of a good professional job. In August 2015 the band released their single SHOCK with the State of Shock music which is a preview of the work that would come later in the year. 

October 2015 Bullying HC band invites the Aguere band to perform an overproduction fully independent and that would require a lot of professionalism of the bands, a live DVD titled WEBCAST, counting on living in the underground in the state of São Paulo. The work earned a lot of criticism in the right direction bands. 

In early December 2015, ANGUERE launches its first official video with overproduction. The video was produced by Studio valve 9, which has reference Corruption FxDxPx music that recorded work in 2014 HxCxRxC. The video gained global proportions, it was published by Hardcore World Wide channel. 

And to end the year 2015 in style to ANGUERE band released their latest album titled SHOCK, which contains 12 tracks of pure Hard Core Brutal, yielding to heard from many producers and users of national and also international underground scene as Portugal, Italy and USA. Link: https://anguerehardcore.bandcamp.com/album/choque
The ANGUERE band continues with plans to perform concerts throughout the country and abroad to over 2016.


Thiago Soares - Vocal
Cleber Roccon - Guitar
Adriano R.Prado - Battery

Anguere Brazil - Choque (Dec 2015)


1. HxCxRxC 00:10 
2. Campo Minado 01:28 
3. Corrupção FxDxP 03:07 
4. Estado de Choque 03:09 
5. Espelho Imoral 03:56 
6. Domínio do Mal 03:25 
7. Guerra Santa 03:50 
8. Anguere 03:46 
9. Liberdade 02:33 
10. Mecanismo Corroido 03:48 
11. Olho Cego 03:38 
12. Repressão 03:20

Anguere - HxCxRxCx (EP 2014)

1. HxCxRxC 00:10
2. Corrupção FxDxPx 03:06
3. Campo Minado 01:23

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