Easy Money

[Hardcore] [Thrash] [Slam] [Crossover]
 (Arizona, USA)

Easy Money - Midas Touch (April 2016)


1.) Easy Does It
2.) Predation
3.) Menace II Society (The Midas Touch)
4.) 2nd Sight

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[Crossover] [Hardcore Metal]
(Richmond VA, USA)

Outshined - The Way

1. Unlearned
2. Faceless
3. The Way
4. Slave to the Truth 

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The Meliorist

(Inland Empire, CA, USA)

 The Meliorist - The Uncertainty 

1. Composite Virtuoso 02:57 
2. Love Made Devils Of Us Both! 03:41 
3. Divide 03:34 
4. Monster 04:21 
5. The Uncertainy 02:16 
6. Stay 03:14 
7. Downwind Death 06:00


It’s not uncommon for musicians to go unnoticed. Countless guitarists and singers stuck in a continuous Mobius strip of unknown, un-profitable bands. What drives a musician to go on? What keeps them motivated to make music no one ever hears or seems to care about? In the wake of determination, a small garage in the suburbs of the Inland Empire housed a group of 3 ambitious musicians working on music that would change their lives. Mario Anderson, Luis Ortiz, and Ulysses Zarco started practicing their off color set in the garage of their bass player Luis’ house in a small town called Highland. Luis wasn’t the best bass player. He originally started on rhythm guitar and figured he had a knack for writing interesting bass riffs that complemented Mario’s strong lead influenced rhythm style of writing. Ulysses added a certain technicality to the beat of the music making the songs more interesting and giving them depth. Years of trial and error followed as the band struggled to find their identity in a constant battle of labels and genre wars. From 2010-2012 the band assumed the name Vow to Kill. After playing countless shows and getting little recognition for their style, originality and ability to perform as a solid unit on stage, Vow to kill started to build a reputation. In 2012 the band parted ways with bassist Luis Ortiz and Vocalist Jed Shirley. Mario and Ulysses started a small side project with a local vocalist named Eduardo Sillas. Eduardo instantly became the march-way for the bands style and Identity.  In 2014 Ulysses, Mario, and Eduardo reconciled with their former bassist Luis Ortiz and formed the band The Meliorist. The ultimate goal of the band was to show their fans that we as a community have to work together if we want to be better individuals. They teamed up with Taylor Voeltz of Mediascare Records to record their first studio ep The Uncertainty. Mid way through Production the band decided to part ways with Eduardo due to creative differences within the group. In all the darkness the band finally found a shed of light in a local singer named Anthony. Anthony brought character and uniqueness to the band’s sound. After long and arduous months of continuous production and mixing, and with Anthony at the helm with his aggressive and melodic style of screaming and singing, The Uncertainty finally entered the final stages of production at the mastering desk of Zack Orhen of Castle ultimate. The Album has proven to be an enjoyable ride with emotion, aggression, and ambition. Its strong presence offers powerful melodies packed with aggressive guitar and vocals performances, exhilarating drum fills that keep you on the edge of your seat and bass riffs that resonates with the soul of each song. Who knows what the Meliorist has in store, but the Future is bright for these hardworking individuals. 


[Modern Metal] [Groove Metal]
(Budapest, Hungary)

DreadWolf. Hungarian band founded in 2014 by members of previous hungarian band like Insane, Mind Control, The Sharon Tate, Subliminal Merger, Based on a true story. We are playing moder metal music which is both atmospheric and heavy. Our goal is the enjoy playing and making music for both ourselves and others. Our songs are about people corrupted by bane spirits and the everyday struggle of the human kind.

DreadWolf - Enigma EP (April 2016)

1. Dry Tears 04:09
2. Cleansing 03:04
3. The moment when you left 03:32
4. Doomshaper 03:48
5. Claustrophobic 03:13
6. Welcome 03:12