Sobre Mi Cadaver

[Hardcore Metal] [Metalcore]
(Santiago de Chile)

Sobre Mi Cadaver - Full Ep 2013 (Video)

Apocalypse Men ( LordWillin and Ezekiel Tha Prophet )

[Hip Hop] [Hardcore Rap]

Rap Artists LordWIllin & Ezekiel Tha Prophet teamed up to record this 5 song E.P. (plus one bonus track)

Apocalypse Men 
(LordWillin and Ezekiel Tha Prophet) - 
Apocalypse Men

01. Severe Beating 

02. Apocalypse Men 
03. Soldier Up 
04. Murder Machines 
05. High Science 

06. Bonus Track - Revolutionary

Wake The Dead

[Melodic  Hardcore] [Modern Hardcore]

After 250 shows in Europe & Asia, WTD new album "Under the Mask" (12 songs) wil be released the 27th may 2016 on  (Demons Run Amok)

Wake The Dead - Cold Thing

By Band Request


Loserhead to release new single for upcoming EP album

 (Jombang city, East Java, Indonesia) 

LOSERSHEAD to release new single for upcoming EP album
The Loserhead’s single entitle “Rules of Yourself” are available to stream in his Soundcloud, Losershead is Indonesian hardcore band from Jombang city, East Java that started out in 2013. “Rules of Yourself” is the new one single that influenced to Champion and this single will be release for upcoming Extended Play (EP) album under the title “SCAR”. The planning for this EP album will launch on May with 6 tracks on Compact Disc and limited Compact Cassette.

You can Stream their single in Soundcloud below.

By Band Request


West Berlin - The Carried Weight Feat Max Gouldner (Video)

[NYHC], [Melodic  Hardcore]
(Syracuse, NY, USA)

single of upcoming EP "Northern Misery"

West Berlin - Demo 2015

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The Burial Chamber - Sometimes (Official Video)

(Barcelona, Spain)

The Burial Chamber (Metalcore from Barcelona, Spain) has released a brand new music video for the song 'Sometimes', from their first studio album 'Turbulent circle'.
More info about the band:


 [Alternative Hardcore] [Melodic  Hardcore]
(Rimini, Italy)

Harta - I Wish I Could Be Snow (Feb 2016)


1. Anamnesis: Memoirs 04:08
2. Winter Stays Forever 03:07 
3. My Hope 03:33

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[Hardcore Metal]
 (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Knockdown is a hardcore/metal band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia that started out by the end of 2009.
Over the past 6 years Knockdown have done no less than 100 shows in Java-Bali and supporting & played with tour Madball, Sick Of It All, No Turning Back, Backtrack, etc
1. Jalan Kami
2. Promise Feat. Hardy Miret Taring

By Samstrong Records Request


Born As Lions

[Hardcore] [Metalcore] [Melodic Hardcore]
(Rüsselsheim, Germany)

Born As Lions - Wolfpath (EP Dec 2015)

1.Wolfpath 03:33
2.Pathetic 03:17

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Stepping Stone (debuts single ‘Hand In Hand’ from upcoming 7” ‘Test of Character’)

Canadian Hardcore band Stepping Stone debuts single ‘Hand In Hand’ from upcoming 7” ‘Test of Character’

 Inline image 1

Stepping Stone has been hard at work making a name for themselves in Regina, Saskatchewan and throughout Western Canada. After a successful year in 2015, the band shows no sign of slowing down. With the announcement of their debut 7” entitled ‘Test of Character’ on British Columbia label Hard Loss Records and plans to tour Canada and US, 2016 is proving to be a big year for Stepping Stone.

A culmination of desires and proof of their commitment, Stepping Stone present their sound and energy with bands like Down To Nothing and No Warning in mind. The track ‘Heart in Hand’ from the upcoming 7” is now streaming on Hard Loss Records.

Joe Gallardo (I Love Mosh) Review: 

I've listened carefully to the Canadian band Stepping Stone, shows us a completely sound in the vein of hardcore, fast, powerful, to enjoy; without extended to other genres like most  bands that have saturated the current scene. I liked enough, no doubt is the style I prefer, so don't expect more and hears their song

We'll have to wait for the release of full album, to speak more extensively about Stepping Stone's EP.


[Metallic Hardcore] [Hardcore Punk]
 (Vienna, Austria)

FFO Sleep, Power Trip, Pulling Teeth and Iron Age.

Tigerwizard - Born To Die (LP Jan 2016)

1. I

2. In The Dirt
3. Hall Of Meat 
4. Wreck

5. Sleep Paralysis

6. Born To Die
7. Doomed

Tigerwizard - Demo 2014

1. Hell On Earth
2. Hall Of Meat
3. Devils And Demons

By Band Request


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