Blank Look

[Grindcore] [Hardcore] [Powerviolence]
 (Tempe, AZ, USA)

Blank Look - Promo 2016 
(From upcoming EP, available summer 2016)

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[Hardcore Punk] [Powerviolence]
(Querfurt, Germany)

extinct! - GREATEST HITS - The Early Year (Dec 2015)


1. b/w 01:32 
2. uniform 00:43 
3. smart boi 00:47 
4. hate 00:26 
5. fractal wrongness 00:51 
6. careless 00:45 
7. in hiding 01:09 
8. extinct 01:13 
9. god season 00:57 
10. laplace 02:22

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Our Day Will Come - Burn (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

[Melodic  Hardcore] 
 (Nice, France)

Our Day Will Come - Burn (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Time's Tide

(Edmonton, Canada) 

Edmonton based Hardcore Band Time’s Tide launches pre-orders for their upcoming 7’’ ‘Past Lives’ (YouTube Video)

Inline image 2

After a productive year in 2015, Edmonton Hardcore band Time’s Tide is releasing their debut EP ‘Past Lives’ on Hard Loss Records. The 7” record will be available in black, blue and coke bottle vinyl pressings, and will be officially released on March 19th, 2016 in Edmonton, AB.

Drawing influence from early 2000s Melodic Hardcore bands from the Pacific Northwest, as well as classic Youth Crew bands from the 90s, Time’s Tide stands out in Western Canada. In a scene that is saturated with heavyweight metallic hardcore and artsy post hardcore bands, ‘Past Lives’ is a breath of fresh air. For Fans of Go it Alone, Sinking Ships, and Champion.

Pre-order’s go online on January 5th, 2016.

1.Drown 03:59
2.104 01:10
3.Past Lives 01:50
4.Settle 01:51
5.Grow 01:37
6.Recover 02:52

Acidiun - 9 Circles (EP Review)

[Metalcore] [Deathcore]
 (Uppsala, Sweden)

In June of 2015 Acidiun, a five piece metalcore from Uppsala, Sweden released their EP 9 Circles. Since then they have toured Sweden to support their release. Positive reactions and reviews have been published online in Germany and Italy and the song “Strolling Downwards” have been featured on our worldwide record “I Love Mosh: Heavy Weight Compilation 5 and 6”. The song “Strolling Downwards” have been shared on social media in various countries in Europe and around the world.

Acidiun is known for their energetic liveshow, raw sound, and unique songwriting. The music is bonehard and a lot mosh and headbang accessible. Backingtracks and cleansong does not exist in Acidiuns register, everything that is delivered to the crowd is their livemusic and raw energy. 

9 Circles (EP), 3 songs mix metalcore/deathcore from beginning to end, in a way that sounds a little like both and neither at the same time. What here comes out? Die-hard metalcore, which although slow starts, slowly, but, really hard coming through the deep feeling out of the speakers.  Fav song "Strolling Downwards". So it's a highly recommended band, you should listen their music will not regret. Enjoy!