(Bali. Indonesia) 

Established in 2007 in the city of Denpasar, Bali, Lorong consists of Bayu (guitar), Gustra (vocals), Bonchu (Bass), and Anjar (Drum). The band was born on preferences of each personnel of the band Hardcore / metal kind of Hatebreed, Terror, Sick Of It All, Slayer, and BOLD. Meaning of the name The hallway itself in our opinion is a way and we then analogy as way of life that we must live no matter what setbacks.
The stage-by-stage Lorong already been tasted by both the city and outside the city, which ended in 2013 Lorong decided to enter the studio to begin the cultivation of the debut full length debut album hallways. 6 years from 2007 to 2013 passable long enough for a band that at that time we only think of fun just playing music from stage to stage, with no thought of a work that must be made in the form of physical release. In the period of approximately 7 months from mid-2013 until early 2014, we completed all records in Tet Stupid Record Studio. 10 songs included in the list of album entitled "New Blood", meaning New Blood itself we are represented as 'new blood' and a new spirit of Lorong as an offering to skena HC Bali or music lovers underground long enough looking forward to a piece of music album hardcore have not come up again in Bali at that time. 2016 This year we are starting to make the cultivation of the new single, which will be out later this year.

To attain the stage itself, alley've sampled more than 500 stage since the band stand. Sharing the stage with several bands HC / Metal abroad. And a tour of several major cities in Indonesia.

NB: The hallway itself is the only one of the finest hardcore band that is quite old and still survived until now in the island of Bali, since 2007.

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