So its been a while since we posted a new interview. With that said we open a new season of interviews, this time we've got the privilege to interview one of the most notable bands in HC right now, the great guys from Turncoat .Since their debut in late 2014, Turncoat has worked hard to make a name all their own. Taking influence from 80's hardcore punk with a mix of thrash, Turncoat has set a pace of searing guitar style, pounding drums and unforgettable vocals. All the while remaining true to the solid foundation that hardcore was built apon. Following the release of their debut single "Growing Up" , Turncoat has wasted no time hitting the road. Touring most of the United States in their first year. With no peak to their potential ,Turncoat has been relentlessly pushing to reach every corner of the hardcore community. Telling it like it is to anyone who will listen. As the band prepares to for new challenges they continue to remain on the road hitting new grounds and tearing down barriers .

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With no further introduction here's the interview we ILM did with them! as they are pumped to include Puerto Rico on their next tour! BIG SHOUT OUT TO STAY TRUE PRODUCTIONS FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!!!

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What's up guys , This is a very special Interview for me, Turncoat it's one of those bands i've been looking forward to work with. I know we all have pretty busy lives but as always I want to start thanking you for sharing your time with Us.

1. Please introduce yourselves, tell us where you from and what you do in the band?

Hey thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and the kind words. This is keith Keister I play guitar and manage turncoat we are a Detroit based hardcore band

2. How you guys put this together? How long you've been playing now?

We all came from projects in the works and kind of met up about 2years ago

3.What does Turncoat stands for as Band and what is the meaning of that name for all of you as members? Can you describe your sound ?

We stand for standing up for yourself and what you believe in. We are a no bullshit no frills back to basics hardcore cross over band and we really have a straight forward message with our name and music. Fuck what people want you to think and what they want you to be. Be yourself.

4. How's the scene in Michigan treating you so far? How's the support? You've been playing a lot of shows lately ? What can we expect from Turncoat live?

The Michigan scene is so diverse and close knit although we don't play here at home a lot it's been good. We are always touring and just got back from Canada 🇨🇦 so we're stoked to finally hit PR.
Live expect lot of energy . We feel that if the band your watching is boring your over all experience is boring. If we are having fun I can't see how that can't be infectious.

5. You already got a EP with Eulogy Recordings out last summer, The song " The friends you need" it's pretty catchy and We in ILM loved it! tell us more about that? Something special about this song you want to share with Us?

Thanks for bringing that up we really love that song a lot and we felt they showcased some of our strongest work but really the message that was behind that song is what caused us to release it as a video single it's really kind of a fight song for the youth that it's in the hard-core scene to kind of stand out and do what they want and not be told what to do to be like your parents when there is something golden side of all of us that's dying to get out and it's all about the struggles of making that seem and heard.

6. Any EP’s , or Albums coming out soon?

We are actually in January are releasing a new single and later in 2017 will be releasing a split CD

7. What are the plans and what can we expect from Turncoat this year? What next for you guys?

We just want to tour the world and release new music. It's simple but we stay busy.

8. You guys playing Puerto Rico on February 2017 what up with that? Have you heard any bands from PR? You stoked about this? What are your expectations regarding this show?

Our good buddy Lou hooked us up at that shell and we're really excited to be playing with our friends in through and through I'm really stoked on seeing some friends of mine in the band from Puerto Rico Sentenced To Fight I've heard a lot about them and a lot about some of the other bands in that area needless to say this is almost a dream come true for us to actually be able to leave the Country on an airplane to go play in front of people thousands of miles away that I actually want to see yes it's very surreal

9. Any Shout outs ?? Special Thanks ???

Personally I want to send a big shout out to my brother Cory Keister for pushing me through and being a big inspiration also to Sean Mott and the true initiative family for helping us get this far eulogy records all of my friends and drowning meth mouth gator king. Our family back home in backswing anybody that's been putting on for us since day one anybody that hasn't been twofaced and is kept it real with us to all the people that come out to our shows and support this shit is for you