Cocky Streetz

[Hip Hop] [Rap]
(Atlanta, GA, USA)

Who is Cocky Streetz ?
 Cocky is an Artist, Ceo, sponsor, and of his own Hip-hop/Rap music. Cocky is not your average local artist, he already have the look that attract the female and make the males want to follow him. Cocky recently relocated to Atlanta, GA from North Carolina March 2016. His music was in high demand in the Atl so highly that he relocated to do the daily live performances as he continue to do till this day as his fanbase grows rapidly.
 Cocky started with a few dollars and a dream and less than a year became the Hottest hip hop artist in the streets including fan custom logo t-shirts and posters and mixtapes in every location in NC - GA region. Lets face it every rapper these days have the same boring depress story rathers its their own past or someone else's past, Cocky came from the same struggles if not worst but he tell detail storys in his music and paint the picture for many can relate. With a independant fanbase built on his own. He write, produce, create, promote his own music personally can't find a harder worker.
 Future plan is for Cocky to continue putting out great music and great visuals. With thousands of views on his Youtube Channel with his several music videos. He is making every blog site and mixtapes on our favorite popular sites. He plan to increase his fanbase daily by the interviews, placements, hosting, live performances. Look Out For Cocky Streetz The Music Industry Next Big Artist.

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