Depravation / Slowly We Rot - Split

[Black Metal] [Hardcore Metal] [Crust] [Punk]
 (Germany) (Belgium)


Depravation was founded in December 2011. In March 2012 we’ve released our demo-tape “I:PRAEDICTVM” (, followed by our first LP "II:MALEDICTVM" ( ) in July 2013. Since then we've played a bunch of shows. In April 2014 our drummer moved to Hamburg and had to leave the band. We've recorded the song "With Dead Eyes To See" with our new drummer in June. I guess it's fair to say that our new music has a different vibe, compared to our older tracks. But I'll let you be the judge of this...

Slowly We Rot is the follow up band for Niels after Worms Feed ( ). Founded in late 2013, the 3-piece delivers evil and filth soaked sonic terror in the form of metallic hardcore. The two tracks on this split are their first recordings. Keep your eyes open for these young guns, as there is way more good stuff to be coming from them in the future.

Depravation / Slowly We Rot - Split was released on tape by Dark Omen Records (GER) and Skin & Bones Records (UK). It’s available in three different colors and limited to 100 pieces in total. You can get it here:

Depravation / Slowly We Rot - Split, good music & heartbreaking voices, without a doubt I recommend to download it, you must know these 2 bands and fuck  to the musical monotony!!! @xhefex

Depravation / Slowly We Rot - Split
 (August 2014)

01. Depravation - With Dead Eyes To See
02. Slowly We Rot - Leftover
03. Slowly We Ror - Solitary Realm


Slowly We Rot:


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Damn City

 [Positive Hardcore]
 (Bologna, Italy) 

Damn City


Friendship, integrity and attitude are the basis of Damncity!.

The band was started in the spring of 2011, the only reason were that of hanging out and party together. At the end of the summer of the same year they released their first EP: "STAY KING" (band's slogan). It helped the band to draw its path trough the underground scene.

Due to the high number of gigs that came out, more responsability and duties towards the band emerged. Therefore some of the members decided to leave the band, nevertheless they remained members of Damncity! and keep on supporting the band's projects like true brothers, and they sill do this.
At the end of spring 2013 DC! finished the writing process of their first full length, wich was recorded between June and July, and released in October of the same year by Indelirium Records.
Two years after the beginning, "NO HEROES" is the first step towards something more serious, and DC! are ready.

The lyrics are very important for the band because they take seriously what they're trying to express, which is the duality of things surrounding them. Each thing has its own positive and negative aspects, pros and cons, that reflect on friendship, society, lack of attitude and integrity, youth and so on.
DC! has an ironic view over this but they don't think twice when criticising; they also support D.I.Y. style and bands in the same scene that use the same mentality.

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DAMN CITY! - (S)words 



 [Vegan SxE Hip Hop]
 (Armenia, Colombia)

xJR EDGEx - Solo La Verdad Perdura (2014)

Track Listing:

01 - Intro (Algún Día Toda Opresión Caerá Por Su Propio Peso)00:00
02 - Solo La Verdad Perdura 02:30
03 - Como Mueren Los Sueños (Feat. xRESTTOx) 06:43
04 - Un Nuevo Orden Mundial 10:07
05 - Vencer O Morir -- Epilogo 13:40
06 - Crucificado (Feat. Carta Magna) 17:38
07 - Otro Episodio Más 20:42
08 - Contracorriente 23:43
09 - Anormalidades, Irregularidades (Feat. xLyrique Guerrierx)27:23
10 - Esta Es La Realidad 31:19
11 - Free Sxe-tyle (Feat. xIRREVERSIBLEx & xRESTTOx) 35:42
12 - Outro (Soneto XV) 39:33

Copyright © 2014 Jihad Studio / xJR EDGEx
Género: Hip Hop/ Rap (Vegan Straight Edge)
Sello Discográfico Independiente: Jihad Studio
Producción Adicional: Dj xVegetex & xJR EDGEx
Mezclado Por: xJR EDGEx
Arte y diseño Por: Leonardo Monroy
Fecha de Lanzamiento: Julio 20, 2014

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