[Melodic Hardcore] [Metalcore] 
(Burlington, Ontario, CA) 

 Desmire - Desmire EP (2014) 


 1.Ten Forty Two (ft. Cole Cresswell) 03:56 
2.Closure 03:53 

 By Band Request 


Strike Each Other

[Beatdown Hardcore] [Metal] 
(Ternopil, Ukraine) 

 Strike Each Other is a hardcore band from Ternopil, Ukraine. Created in 2008 by people who wanted to play the music they liked and enjoyed, the music that made them moving forward. Till this day they don't give a shit about new trends and fancy stuff in music or what other people like or listen to. They just keep being themselves and playing uncompromised and tough beatdown hardcore, highly loaded with metal. 

The band is influenced by Shattered Realm, Nasty, All Out War, Circle Of Death, Sworn Enemy and others. 

 Strike Each Other - As A Response To Oppression (Dec 2013) 


 01 - Let It Collapse 1:04 
02 – Burning Arrows Of Time 2:53 
03 – Cold World (feat. Nikk from Overpain) 2:34 
04 – Warpath 3:55 
05 – As A Response To Oppression 2:57 
06 - The Fire Has Died Out 1:07

 By Band Request 



[Hardcore Metal] 
(Lincoln, UK) 

 Borders - Origin (EP 2013) 


 1. Pride 
 2. Liars, Lords and Honest Men 
3. Wolves 
 4. Origin 
5. I've Built A Throne For You 

 Borders - Origin EP *FULL STREAM*

By Band Request 


6 weapons "A new Beginning" (Promo Videos)

 [Hardcore Metal] 
(Santiago, Chile) 

6 weapons "A new Beginning" 

 Este es el nombre de nuestro nuevo disco, producido y masterizado por nuestro buen amigo y excelente productor Nelson Norambuena (El Gato) en su estudio musical Terror Sureño Estudio.  
Esta es nuestra nueva creación con una apuesta totalmente diferente, mucho mas brutal y apegada al metal. 


 This is the name of our new album, produced and mastered by our good friend and excellent producer Nelson Norambuena (El Gato) in his music studio "Terror Sureño Estudio". 

 This is our new creation with a totally different bet, much more brutal and attached to the metal. 

6 Weapons - Lies

6 Weapons - Animosity

6 Weapons - States On Fire



[Hardcore Hip Hop] 
(Madrid, Spain)

Live Set(2014)

Tracklist :
 1. Thrasher B-Boyz Takin Da Streetz (IN)
 2. Vote With a Bullet
 3. Refuse & Resist
4. Mastakilla
5. Sonido sucio
6. Ansias depravadas
7. Esto es lo que somos
8. Pain and anger
9. Murda Muzik
10. En los 90s
11. Mis hermanos
12. March Of The Brothers Keeper (OUT)

 By Mister Penny


Hands Of Hope

[Melodic Hardcore] [Hardcore] 
(Melbourne, Australia) 

 Hands Of Hope - Dear Old Friend (Single) 

 By Band Request 




[Deathcore] (Netherlands) 

 Ripping Family Booking and Promotion proudly presents : CHAINSAW DISASTER+ A DEVASTATING TRUTH + MEMENTO MORI @ WINSTON KINGDOM, AMSTERDAM (NL)! 

A chance to see the guys from CHAINSAW DISASTER, playing in Netherlands with their new line up !! 

 Show's promoted and produced by: CRAWLBACK BOOKING


 1) India - FireMud Radio - FM Radio Official Website

 2) Czech Republic - Official Website 

 3) Portugal - SoundZone Webzine Official Website 

 4) Belgium - More Than Music-Be Official Website 

 5) France - Metal Sickness Official Website

 6) Spain - Feel The Noise, Hear The Core Official Website 

 7) Germany - Millionthoughts Official Website 

 8) Argentina - Everything Went Zine Official Website 

 9) Poland - Post - HC Official Website 

 10) Netherlands - Smashpress Official Website 

11) France - Total Metal Show (Radio Déclic) Official Website 

 12) Norway - Skullfukker Webzine Official Website 

 General Manager  Michele Amura 


The Takehold / Proclaim (Split)

[Hardcore] [Alternative Hardcore] 

 The Takehold / Proclaim (Split 2013)


 1. The Takehold - Evil Within 02:43 
2. The Takehold - Death Row 02:47 
3. Proclaim - Worn Down 
4. Proclaim - The Beast 

 By Band Request 


Gerbang Singa

(Solo, Indonesia) 

 Gerbang Singa - Beast (2014)


 01. The Beast Goes On 
02. Rise Of The Memories 
03. Rather Be Dead (Refused Cover) 
04. Between Vulture,Empty Sky and Silent Night 
05. It's Not O.K. To Pretend That Everything's Alright (Undefeated EP) 
06. A Thousands Of Rage (Undefeated EP) 
07. Land For Peace (Undefeated EP) 
08. Beware The Manticore Has Come From Their Hideaway Live 
09. As A Lion Forever-Rather Be Dead-It's Not O.K. To Pretend That Everything's Alright Live 
10. A Thousands Of Rage Live 
 11. Take It Back Live 
12. Pump The Brakes-Land For Peace Live

By Band Request 



[Hardcore Punk] 
 (Caracas, Venezuela) 

 Nada - Cartucho De Ideas Para Corazones Blindados 

 Nada - En Unos Años Veremos 

Nada - Patadas Y Coñazos


By Band Request 



[Beatdown Hardcore] 

 Crosshood - Name Your Enemy EP (2013) 


 1.Name Your Enemy 02:14 
2.One For All 02:09 
3.Alone 02:10 
4.Oddech Życia 02:55 

 By Band Request 


Tomorrow We Hunt

[Hardcore Punk][Hardcore] 
(Zagreb, Croatia) 

 Tomorrow We Hunt - Acid Life (Nov 2013) 


 1.Rotten Town 01:46 
2.Smog Drenched Life 02:02 
3.Underbound 02:10 
4.Constant Disappointment 01:23 
5.Pressure To Succeed 01:28 
6.Without End 01:40 
7.Advocates of Bigotry 01:06 
8.Closure 02:08 
9.Half Mast 01:18 
10.Two Steps Back 01:05 
11.Loss Of Self 01:57 

 By Band Request 


One Shall Stand

[Metalcore] [Death Metal] [Hardcore] 
(Caserta, Italy) 


  One Shall Stand rise in 2009 from the ashes of past bands with different attitudes. First self-titled DEMO was published in 2010 with three deathcore short songs mostly accusing an enslaving society through the eyes of three different characters. 

  After this first cd, in February 2012 the band released their first EP "BEAUTIFUL DAYS" under URBAN DISCIPLINE RECORDS label. An authentic mix of content splatter, blast beats and guitars down tuned, will bring their van around Italy and Europe to conquer Festival, Breweries and old shabby cellars. 

  In December 2013 is released the first full length album "Forever Standing". 

  10 new tracks sounding more awake, mature, with a feat from the scum of the CBC Clan until friends from the band of northern Italy. The Content is sometimes more introspective than the previous work, but it remains the Jerk Attitude background that has shaped us. Production of this first album is totally DIY, from recordings (made ​​from Leandro to his RecordingStudio Till Deaf) to finish the construction of Merch, Graphics etc.. 

 One Shall Stand - Forever Standing (Dec 2013)  


 1. Intro 00:36 
2. Same Old Shoes (Ft. Nick/Aperture) 03:08 
3. The Hardest Truth 03:55 
4. Back To Reality (Ft. Marco/Face Your Enemy) 03:28 
5. Action Men 04:04 
6. This Life 04:26 
7. Deimos Anomaly (Ft. Fiore/Fulci/Still In Da Game) 02:57 
8. An Ordinary Story (Ft. Alessandro/A Great Milkshake) 02:39 
9. Forever Standing 02:13 
10. All In The Family (CBC United) 07:43 

By Band Request 


Die Young - Chosen Path 12" EP pre-orders up now!

(Texas, USA) 

Die Young - Chosen Path 12" EP pre-orders up now! 

  It's time to announce the details concerning U&P 015 - the highly anticipated new record from Texas powerhouse Die Young. 
   The European version will be on a one sided 12" EP (while the US version is on 7") with an etched B side (the famous Die Young clock/logo skull will be engraved on the whole B side). 
   The European version will also have aslightly different track list than the US release. 

 The first pressing will come in 3 different colours: 

100 copies on black vinyl 
150 copies on brown vinyl 
250 copies on clear orange vinyl 

 The cover will be identical for both releases while the insert might change. More details about the artwork will be announced when it has been finalised. 

 01 - Enter 
02 - Chosen Path 
03 - Conditioned 
04 - Incremental Gains 
05 - Rite Of Passage 
06 - Return To The Earth 
07 - Scum 
08 - Anthem Of The Prodigal Son 

By Ugly and Proud Records


[Hardcore] [Hardcore Punk] 
 (Panamá) (El Salvador) (Colombia) 

IGNITION(El Salvador) 

By Band Request 


New Scum Hatred Tee (Design Colab Mr. Penny & Deckysastra)


New Scum Hatred Tee 
(Design Colab Mr. Penny & Deckysastra)

 Size: M,L,XL. 

 15 Euros plus shipping 

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