Damn City

 [Positive Hardcore]
 (Bologna, Italy) 

Damn City


Friendship, integrity and attitude are the basis of Damncity!.

The band was started in the spring of 2011, the only reason were that of hanging out and party together. At the end of the summer of the same year they released their first EP: "STAY KING" (band's slogan). It helped the band to draw its path trough the underground scene.

Due to the high number of gigs that came out, more responsability and duties towards the band emerged. Therefore some of the members decided to leave the band, nevertheless they remained members of Damncity! and keep on supporting the band's projects like true brothers, and they sill do this.
At the end of spring 2013 DC! finished the writing process of their first full length, wich was recorded between June and July, and released in October of the same year by Indelirium Records.
Two years after the beginning, "NO HEROES" is the first step towards something more serious, and DC! are ready.

The lyrics are very important for the band because they take seriously what they're trying to express, which is the duality of things surrounding them. Each thing has its own positive and negative aspects, pros and cons, that reflect on friendship, society, lack of attitude and integrity, youth and so on.
DC! has an ironic view over this but they don't think twice when criticising; they also support D.I.Y. style and bands in the same scene that use the same mentality.

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