Hollow Truth

[Thrash Metal] [Hardcore] [Crossover]
(Dublin, Ireland)

Thrash metal/hardcore crossover band (FFO Leeway, Anthrax, Cro-Mags, Suicidal Tendencies etc) from Dublin, Ireland have just released a new 12" record via Germany's Powertrip Records entitled "The Power to Endure", and it is now up for free download on bandcamp.

Hollow Truth - The Power to Endure (April 2014)
(Free download of record/artwork:)
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1. A Hymn to Athena
2. Worship the Wayfarer
3. Terrible Winds Pt. II
4. Outstretched Arms
5. Supersoul
6. A Glimpse of Persephone
7. The Power to Endure

Hollow Truth
Powertrip Records

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