Abominations All Over

[Punk] [Metal]

We’re Abominations All Over, a one man project/band ( punk /metal ) hailing from forced labor camp belgica . we are 100%DIY , delivering free music as a protest against the music industry and corporate power in general , we’re against all forms of authority, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-xenophobia ... promoting and looking for a world based on the principles of anarchism which is the most healthy and sensible way of life … Together for freedom , equality , peace ... anarchy !!!

Abominations All Over - 1st EP (2014)

1. Abominations All Over
2. Music Should Be Free
3. Victim
4. Controlled By Fear
5. Who Are They Fooling?
6. Bring Down The Tyrants
7. Thnx For Nothing
8. Parents Are Nazis
9. Usurpation In Belgium
10. Labor Makes Free

Fuck copyright, Free copy left. 

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