Tommy Gun

[Punk Rock] 

 Basque young band “Tommy Gun” have released their first LP, “Nazkagarrien Aurka” – totally “DIY” –, consisting of twelve tracks with a very hard contrast between melodic sounds and very strong noise, always having as main axis punkrock. Hard tracks of commitment, struggle, and dedication, including other ones such as working class issues and pride, also some references to the film that most has marked the band: “Trainspotting”. Up to date (unfortunately), this LP is one of the few available in Basque language in all Great Bilbao City area. 

 Txarli (voice), Xabi (guitar), Beñat (bass) and K Jauna (drums), four guys from Santurtzi –Basque Country– began to rehearse and play some punk covers at the end of year 2010; then, they formed the band called Tommy Gun. Later, after a few months, a new member joined the crew: Kaiet (guitar). 

 “Coherence, Commitment, Struggle” define the path of this young band, joining the long list of alternative punkrock bands born in the left riverbank of Nerbioi, Bilbao. On the basic of different influences (from English Oi classics bands, besides the Californian “skate-punkrock”), this young band have managed to consolidate an own style, from the humility and limitation of media; thus, Tommy Gun maintain a natural relationship with the spirit of the street, that absolutely has marked their sound. 

After release of their first demo “Garage’s Hits” –May 2011– (despite it was recorded in precarious conditions, the EP received good reviews), now the band have begun the presentation of their first LP, “Nazkagarrien Aurka” – February, 2014–. 

 Tommy Gun - Nazkagarrien Aurka (2014) 

01 Begbie, Frank 
02 Zu gabe 
03 Errugabeak 
04 Gure bizitza 
05 Larogeiak 
06 Punkrock neska 
07 Zikinak 
08 Lotsaizuna 
09 Fuck you! 
10 Bakarti 
11 Odola, izerdia eta malkoak 
12 Oroimenen indarra 

 By Band Request