Strike Each Other

[Beatdown Hardcore] [Metal] 
(Ternopil, Ukraine) 

 Strike Each Other is a hardcore band from Ternopil, Ukraine. Created in 2008 by people who wanted to play the music they liked and enjoyed, the music that made them moving forward. Till this day they don't give a shit about new trends and fancy stuff in music or what other people like or listen to. They just keep being themselves and playing uncompromised and tough beatdown hardcore, highly loaded with metal. 

The band is influenced by Shattered Realm, Nasty, All Out War, Circle Of Death, Sworn Enemy and others. 

 Strike Each Other - As A Response To Oppression (Dec 2013) 


 01 - Let It Collapse 1:04 
02 – Burning Arrows Of Time 2:53 
03 – Cold World (feat. Nikk from Overpain) 2:34 
04 – Warpath 3:55 
05 – As A Response To Oppression 2:57 
06 - The Fire Has Died Out 1:07

 By Band Request