One Shall Stand

[Metalcore] [Death Metal] [Hardcore] 
(Caserta, Italy) 


  One Shall Stand rise in 2009 from the ashes of past bands with different attitudes. First self-titled DEMO was published in 2010 with three deathcore short songs mostly accusing an enslaving society through the eyes of three different characters. 

  After this first cd, in February 2012 the band released their first EP "BEAUTIFUL DAYS" under URBAN DISCIPLINE RECORDS label. An authentic mix of content splatter, blast beats and guitars down tuned, will bring their van around Italy and Europe to conquer Festival, Breweries and old shabby cellars. 

  In December 2013 is released the first full length album "Forever Standing". 

  10 new tracks sounding more awake, mature, with a feat from the scum of the CBC Clan until friends from the band of northern Italy. The Content is sometimes more introspective than the previous work, but it remains the Jerk Attitude background that has shaped us. Production of this first album is totally DIY, from recordings (made ​​from Leandro to his RecordingStudio Till Deaf) to finish the construction of Merch, Graphics etc.. 

 One Shall Stand - Forever Standing (Dec 2013)  


 1. Intro 00:36 
2. Same Old Shoes (Ft. Nick/Aperture) 03:08 
3. The Hardest Truth 03:55 
4. Back To Reality (Ft. Marco/Face Your Enemy) 03:28 
5. Action Men 04:04 
6. This Life 04:26 
7. Deimos Anomaly (Ft. Fiore/Fulci/Still In Da Game) 02:57 
8. An Ordinary Story (Ft. Alessandro/A Great Milkshake) 02:39 
9. Forever Standing 02:13 
10. All In The Family (CBC United) 07:43 

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