Noise Complaint

[Ska Punk] 
(Pomona CA, USA) 

 Noise Complaint - Cultural Wasteland E​.​P (2013) 

 1.Noise Complaint 02:00 
2.Cultural Wasteland 01:39 
3.Don't Pray For Me 02:06 
4.I Don't Need You 02:07 
5.Escape From Home 02:19 

Jordan Contreras-Guitar, Vocals 
 Rael Callaci-Bass 
 Jonathen Rivera-Drums 
 Sarah French-Artwork 


One Life One Sentence

[Beatdown Hardcore] [Hardcore Metal] 

 One Life One Sentence - Self Titled (2013) 


 1.Reflections 03:02 
2.Grown 02:50 
3.Stay Alert 02:26 
4.Injuries 03:30 
5.Shoot Them In The Face 03:29 

 By Band Request 


DAMAGER "Backstabber" New Song 2013

 [Hardcore Metal] 
(Berlin, Germany) 

Brand new song from our debut EP "ABOMINATION"

 Buy on Itunes / Bandcamp / Amazon / Big Cartel etc. Check us out on Facebook : DAMAGER 

DAMAGER "Backstabber" New Song 2013 


[Hip Hop] [Vegan Straight Edge] 
(Armenia, Colombia) 

 xJR EDGEx - Ultimátum (2013) 

 Track Listing: 
 01 - Intro (Otro Episodio) 00:00 
02 - Un Nuevo Orden Mundial 02:41 
03 - Mi Lucha 07:11 
04 - Tiempos Duros (Feat. xLyrique Guerrierx) 10:31 
05 - Esta Es La Realidad 13:59 
06 - Ultimátum I (Interludio) 19:47 
07 - Como Castillos De Naipes 20:02 
08 - Con Hambre De Libertad (Feat. xResttox) 24:33 
09 - Vencer O Morir 28:11 
10 - En El Medio De Una Guerra (Feat. Estefanía Alvarez) 30:55 
11 - Ultimátum II (Interludio) 35:58 
12 - En Defensa (Feat. xNueva Actitudx) 36:13 
13 - Promesas Rotas 39:30 
14 - Persistir, Resistir, Insistir; Nunca Desistir 42:38 
15 - Una Verdad Cegada 46:29 
16 - Ou
tro (Versos A Gaia) 51:07 

 By Band Request 


Under The Sunrise

(Berlin, Germany) 

 Under The Sunrise - Keep It Dirty (2013) 

 The debut album of Under The Sunrise offers 11 Songs, packed with sing-alongs, twostep parts and pit anthems! This is the new generation of Berlin Hardcore, kicked through the door of the local underground scene. For Fans of old Your Demise, Final Prayer, Deez Nuts or Terror this is an absolute must have! Heavy crystal clear sound, meaningfull lyrics, no stupid trends! 

 The CD includes 10 Tracks + 1 Hidden Track 
 1 Intro 
2 Homeport 
3 Faceplant 
4 Growing Up 
5 Dirty Hands 
6 S.I.M.S. 
7 6" Screws 
8 Restless 
9 Legend 
10 K.I.D. 
11 Pfandhunt 

 By Band Request 








Streets Of Rage

[Hardcore Metal] 
(IL, USA) 

 Streets Of Rage - Hated Since Birth (2013) 

01 Back From The Dead 
02 Hated Since Birth 
03 Unforgiven 
04 7 Foot Bitch 
05 Lack Of Sleep 

 By Band Request 



 (São Paulo, Brazil) 

 Wolfdog - Born wolf (2013) 

1.Blindness 03:30 
2.Enemy Within 03:20 
3.Why are we here? 03:29 
4.End of Line 03:08 

 Wolfdog is a hardcore band from São Paulo - Brazil. Inspired by bands like: No Warning, Guns Up!, Bitter End and Alpha & Omega. 

Diego Silvera - Vocals 
Felipe Knöller - Guitar 
Diego Brandão - Bass 
Luccas Melchiori - Drums 

 By Band Request 



[Hardcore Metal] [Death Metal] 
(Gießen, Germany) 

 Depravation - II:MALEDICTVM (2013) 

 Tracklist – II:MALEDICTVM 
1. Intro 
2. Wrath 
3. Opaque 
4. Filth 
5. Pestilence 
6. Instrumental 
7. Malfunction 
8. Ruins 
9. Outro 

 We’ve got our first full-length “II:MALEDICTVM” out now and it’s available for name-your-price (aka. free) download at our bandcamp page. Depravation was founded in December 2011. In March 2012 we’ve released our demo-tape “I:PRAEDICTVM” ( and played a bunch of shows. Our new album “II:MALEDICTVM” was released on vinyl by Life And Death Records and Dark Omen Records and recorded at “Die Tonmeisterei” in Oldenburg in January 2013. The Artwork comes from Szymon Siech. 

 By Band Request 


Rise in Sorrow

(Arecibo-Coamo-Aibonito, Puerto Rico) 

Rise in Sorrow - Rise Over You! (2013) 

 1. Intro 
2. Stab In The Back 
3. Between My Enemies 
4. Our Way 
5. Many Many Friends Ft. Ben Da Crown 
6. En Familia 
7. Bullet 
8. The Struggle Never Ends Ft. Tropi 
9. Guess Who's Back 
10. Haters Gonna Hate Ft. Baez Rivera 
11. Cheers Tonight 

xYOGIx - vocal 
Jorge aka hulkgito - drummer 
Orlando aka TROPI - guitar 
Arnaldo aka Che - bass 
Jose aka Bertito - 2nd guitar 

 By Band Request 


 Rise in Sorrow many many friends

Chelsea Smile

[Hardcore Metal] 

 Chelsea Smile – Survival of the Innocent (2013) 

 01 – Last Night a Beatdown Saved My Life 
02 – Last Breath 
03 – Rhythm of Your Heartbeat 
04 – Abandon Ship 
05 – Tidal Waves 
06 – Survival of the Innocent 
07 – Wide Awake 
08 – Stray Away Chelsea Smile 


Chelsea Smile is ontstaan uit een groep vrienden met een groot hart voor hardcore muziek. Met een aantal line-up wisselingen in het verleden heeft Chelsea Smile nu een solide team en hun debuut album ‘Suvival of the Innocent’ is uitgebracht in de zomer van 2013. Het album weerspiegeld hun visie op het leven en hoe zij de wereld zien. Met een mix van hardcore zoals Terror, Trapped Under Ice en Naysayer, gecombineerd met wat Nasty en Shattered Realm beatdown invloeden, slaat Chelsea Smile in als een bom. Verwacht ruige mosh en 2step op de dansvloer met deze groep frisse hardcore fanaten! 

Chelsea Smile was formed with a group of friends who have a big heart for hardcore music. With some line-up changes in the past Chelsea Smile now has a solid team and their debut album ‘Survival of the Innocent’ is released in the summer of 2013. The album reflects their vision on life and how they see the world. With a mixture of hardcore such as Terror, Trapped Under Ice and Expire combined with some Nasty and Shattered Realm beatdown influences, Chelsea Smile packs one hell of a punch. Expect some rough mosh and 2step on the dance floor with this set of fresh Dutch hardcore fanatics 

 Stephan – vocals 

Niels – Guitar 
Diederik – Drums 
Alex – Bass

 By Band Request 


Prepare For The Mindscan

 (Buffalo, New York, USA) 

 Prepare For The Mindscan - EP 2013 

 Prepare for the Mindscan draws on influences of grindcore, hardcore, powerviolence, thrash, death and black metal. Their lyrics include dystopian and science fiction concepts as well as target social issues and even question perception and reality. Prepare for the Mindscan released their self-titled EP in July, 2013.

 Prepare for the Mindscan is: 
Jay Wopperer: guitar/vocals 
Shawn Gomez: bass/vocals 
Joe Musial: drums/percussion 

 By Band Request 


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