Studio Ulica Polish DIY HC Punk documentary available for screenings

  Studio Ulica from Poland made a DIY documentary about the hc/punk band ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW. Below is a trailer for the film in English. Anyone interested in screening the film in their neighbourhood please contact Studio Ulica.

Bob Goldie wrote about ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW releases in "Maximum RocknRoll" #337 and #344.

For screenings please contact:

It is a documentary about a hc/punk band ZŁODZIEJE ROWERÓW that has played a prominent role in the Polish DIY scene since the mid 90s. 


[Straight Edge] 
(Madrid, Spain)

La unión nos hace fuertes(2013)

Tracklist :
 1.Apoyo Mutuo
 2. Turn this shit into gold
 3. My things my rules
4. Family isn´t about blood
5. A.C.A.B.
6. Jealous

 By Mister Penny



[Beatdown Hardcore] 
(Grand Rapids MI, USA)

Pain & Struggle - Yeah I Did It (2013)

Tracklist :
 1. Pain & Struggle
 2. Yeah I Did It
 3. 456 
4. Deathgripped

 By Band Request 


Floiten Jam – On mountain stoner rock festival

Floiten Jam – On mountain stoner rock festival 

 A slightly unusual stoner rock festival takes place again this year in beautiful Tyrol / Austria. Unfamiliar sounds will spread over Sattelbergalm alpine pasture in the midst of the Tyrolean Alps when 5 international bands will droptune their guitars to batter finest stoner and psychedelic rock into the Tyrolean Alps. 

A place where you would usually find the lederhosen-wearing fraction of music business and where even the cows know how to dance a proper polka. Even the last groundhogs will end hibernation as the first riffs will roar into the mountains. On May 25th Floiten Jam in Gries am Brenner starts into ist fourth edition. French Mars Red Sky and their fellow-countrymen Glowsun will headline the one-day festival. 

Pendejo from the Netherlands, Burnpilot from Germany and Austrian Torso complete this year’s delicate line-up. Tickets are available for € 18,- (camping included) at and are strictly limited to 220 pieces. 

 All further information is to be found on Floiten Jam or Facebook

Burn Still

[Beatdown Hardcore] 
(Tallinn, Estonia) 

 Hailing from Tallinn, Estonia, the band started regular rehearsals in January of 2006, quickly establishing themselves in the Estonian metal / hardcore scene with their explosive live sets. Winning band contests and playing at the biggest festivals with big name bands at home, Burn Still are becoming more and more known outside Estonia as well. Performing at Sweden’s premium hardcore festival “Deadfest” in 2007, winning a voting contest to be the opening band for Parkway Drive’ 2008 Helsinki concert in Finland and with numerous gigs in Latvia under their belt, the five piece are hungering for more havoc on stage and in the pit. Bands they have shared the stage with: Parkway Drive (AUS), Soilwork (SWE), Raunchy (DEN), Vader (POL), War From a Harlots Mouth (GER), Angelreich (POL), In Blood We Trust (GER), Six Ft Ditch (UK), Have Heart (US), Ignite (US), Death Before Dishonor (US), and many more. 

 Burn Still - Rise 

 By Band Request 



[Hardcore Punk Metal] 
(Inverness, Britain [UK]) 


 Toecutter were formed in the Scottish city of Inverness in mid 2008. Originally a 3 piece punk group,The band recorded a demo at Lofi studios in Glasgow and gigged relentlessly. 2010 saw the band go on hiatus only to reform a year later with the addition of a fourth member. The band again played a number of gigs with one of the highlights being the Go North festival.A change in musical direction saw Toecutter hone a harder more aggressive sound,likened by one reviewer as a cross between System of a down and Sepultura. The change in direction lead to a change in vocalists and the band returned to the studio late in 2012 to record new material including the track Nerve of the empire which has appeared on the Riot sound metal compilation 2013 and received regular radio play. 

 Toecutter - Nerve Of The Empire E.P. 

 By Band Request 


Ungovernable Resistance 05.04.13 play list/download

Ungovernable Resistance 05.04.13 play list/download

[D-Beat] [Crust] [Anarcho Punk] [HC Punk] [Thrash] [Crossover] [Beatdown HC] [Metallic HC] [HC] [Grind] [Power Violence] [NYHC]

UR 05.04.13 part 1
Download UR 05.04.13 part 2

 Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky - Automated Oration and the Abolition of Silence (2.53)
Turnstile - Canned Heat (0:57)
       Terror - Not Impressed (2:00)
       Violentor - Better Dead Than Slave (2:26)
       Adrenicide - Waiting For The Torment (4:01)
         Revenge - Maniac Behavior (3:45)
        4Arm - Submission for Liberty (5:15)
        Blood Tsunami - Dogfed (1:32)
        New Morality - Disease (1:55)
        New Morality - No Morality (0:55)
        Reign Supreme - In Tongues (3:06)
        Centuries - Dead (Creation) (3:07)
        Centuries - Crumble and Fall (1:40)
        Deathless Bastards - Deathless Bastards (2:42)
        Deathless Bastards - Resurrection / Absolution (2:28)
        Weald - Tribe (3:04)
        Weald - Ecotage (3:17)
        Agenda - Slavery is Freedom (3:05)
        Agenda - Public Relations (2:28)
        Killbite - Brilliant Hell (2:16)
        Killbite - Cycotic Family (2:24)
        Fokkum - A chance (1:41)
        Fokkum - Notice yourself (3:03)
        Coffins - Offal Grinder (3:47)
        Coffins - The Day Man Lost (1:44)
        Anthrax (UK) - What Will Tomorrow Bring (2:02)
        A-political - MTV (1:55)
        Broken Bones - Its Like (1:59)
        Burnt Cross - In Nature We Trust (3:20)
        Dirt - Deaf in Reality (2:35)
        Kansalaistottelemattomuus - Do it yourself (2:19)
        Naked Aggression - Lock Us Away (2:40)
        Poison Idea - Nation Of Finks (1:33)
        Skarpretter - Rich bastard (1:20)
        Ugly Parts - Dried Snot (1:08)
        Oiz II Men - Up The Anti (2:07)
        40 oz. Folklore - Greedy Bastards (1:52)
        Venganza - Progreso = mentira (2:23)
        M.S.D.(MATE SPWAN DIE) - SICK OF YOU (2:35)
        Triangle Fire - abort the troops (3:18)
        Turnstile - Pushing Me Away (3:13)
        86 Mentality - Oppression (1:36)
        86 Mentality - Get Away (1:13)
        Brink - Bully (1:24)
        Brink - Shut Up! (1:12)
        Colère. - Futile (0:35)
        Depressing - Barrier Youth (1:59)
        Breaking Point - I reach out (2:34)
        Bitter End - Climate of Fear (2:42)
     No Second Chance - Only Salvation (2:29)
        Damage Control - What It Takes (1:23)
        Damage Control - Addiction (1:51)
        Turning Point - Turning Point (1:39)
        Turning Point - Empty Promises (1:40)
        Upward - Sheets Of Time (1:44)
        Upward - Motivation (1:45)
        Violent Future - Street Prowler (1:19)
        Violent Future - No Shock (1:11)
        Stick Together - Stick Together (2:03)
        Raw Nerve - New Neighbors (0:33)
        Sectarian Violence - Upward Hostility (0:59)
        Sectarian Violence - No End to the Violence (1:25)
        Hounds of Hate - Don't Push Your Luck (1:43)
        Macht Nichts - I Won't Be Fooled (0:26)
        Macht Nichts - Low (0:28)
        Judge - Where It Went (3:43)
        Demolition - Us Against You (1:25)
        Ylivallan Orjat - Hyvinvointivaltio (1:18)
        Ylivallan Orjat - Pienimuotoinen Ongelma (3:02)
        The Rival Mob - It Must Be Nice... (1:45)
        No Statik - Units (2:13)
        No Tolerance - Knew the truth (1:09)
        NEO CONS - Nimby (1:24)
        National Guard - Leftovers (1:25)
        No Warning - Modern Eyes (1:44)
        Relentless - Don't Wait for Death (2:03)
        DISTRESS - Enemy of the state (2:53)
        Brafcharge - Rabies (1:30)
        Dishumanity - Sve Umire (0:45)
        Disease-It's Hard Life (1:41)
        Diskobra - Rabszolga (1:19)
        Diswar - Sounds of war (2:04)
        Skunk - Fear In Your Head (2:23)
        Warvictims - Exekutionsorden (2:12)
        Violent Cunts - Occhi Congelati (2:20)
        life mess - sign of the times (0:24)
        life mess - dishonest (0:33)
       Beatriz Carnicero -Nelson del 26 (0:19)
        downpour. - Disarm The Swarm (0:24)
        get worse - Cheapass Weekend (1:19)
        God's America - Isolate, Isolation (0:23)
        Iron Lung - Non-Contact Visit (0:54)
        unlearned - outnumbered (1:14)
        Purity Control - Light Pollution (1:10)
        Mulct - Militant Drunkard (0:29)
        Weekend Nachos - Friendship (0:34)
         Narayama - Miséria Oculta (0:55)
        Agamenon Project - Scars of war! (0:52)
        Mass grave - Mountains of Waste (0:32)
        Necrose - This Wandering Earth (0:40)
        Armour Of Contempt - Life Down The Drain (1:16)
         Thetan - The Serpent (0:44)
        Living Void - Banish Agenda (2:05)
        Demisor - Enemy Within (0:44)
        SLAG - Mind Slave (0:28)
        Captain Cleanoff - Chemical Imbalance (1:08)
        Lycanthrophy - Born From Death (1:22)
        Lycanthrophy - Open Your Eyes (0:44)
        Error - Tierra De Cenizas (3:21)
       Relentless - Don't Wait for Death (2:03)
        Nasty - Fake Smile (feat.Tito, Surge Of Fury) (2:03)


[Crust] [Hardcore] [Belgium]









[Beatdown Hardcore] 

 Draw The Line - Stand Together (Song 2013) 

By Band Request 


Dinosaurs Like Guccipants

[Hardcore] [Electrocore] [Experimental] 
(Munich, Germany) 

 Dinosaurs Like Guccipants - You And The City (2010) 

 1.The Golden Book 04:50 
2.Tidy up your favourite room 04:57 
3.Daily Nightlife 04:58 
4.Cocktailparty until tomorrow 05:10 
5.Alternate Sphere 06:44 
6.-untitled- 02:14 
7.They Called Him Stick 06:31 
8.Your Name on the Blacklist 07:39 
9.Starbreaker 07:21 
10.Cold Mountain Island 05:14 

 By Band Request 




Repulsion46 - Dias de Agresion

 By Band Request 


Midnight In America

[Melodic Hardcore] 
(Perpignan, France) 

 Midnight in America, a five piece melodic hardcore band hailing from Perpignan, France. Born in 2010, the band draws influences from daily life, and feel itself really close to bands like Shai Hulud,Take It Back,Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside, Saints Never Surrender,... After releasing in the early 2011 a first DEP (WE’LL NEVER BE THE SAME), we just released our second effort THE HOMECOMING. 

 Midnight In America - The Homecoming (2012) 

 1.Introduction 00:52 
2.The Collapse 02:38 
3.The End's Not Near, It's Here 03:09 
4.Cast Anchor 06:16
 5.Walking On A Thin Line 04:00 
6.Lima 03:49 
7.The Homecoming 03:20

 By Band Request 



(Costa Rica) 

 Direcciones - Altruismo (2013) 

1.H.V.M 01:33 
2.Direcciones 02:07 
3.Némesis 02:44 
4.Ruindad 02:13 
5.Inmutable 02:15 
6.Vida 02:41 

 By Band Request 


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