Terminal Crisis - Demo 2013 (HC Punk)

[HC] [Punk] [USA]

HC Punk, Boston, USA. Download Winter Demo from their Bandcamp.


Unlearned - Pestilence from the West (D-Beat/PV/Crust)

[Power Violence] [D-Beat] [Crust] [Germany]

 PV/D-Beat/Crust from Germany. 2nd Album. Download for free from their Bandcamp.


SCUMHATRED - Something I Can't Believe

[Hardcore Metal] 

 SCUMHATRED - Something I Can't Believe ScumHatred Reverbnation 



[Hardcore] [Metalcore] 
(Ingolstadt, Germany) 



Scum Hatred

[Hardcore Metal] 
(Bandung City, Indonesia) 

 Scum Hatred - RELEASHED 2003 


 Mixing dissonance and melody, .Scum Hatred. were a unique fixture on the hardcore musical landscape. Moody guitars that are as moving as they are weighty, growling yet haunting vocals are just a few of many things that set this band apart from their peers. With two previous indie releases under their belt, their 2002 D.I.Y Records debut "Hatred" became a motivation album for the band & the scene. And Now Working for 2'nd Album AmbisiMati with BRUTAL BEAT'Z RECORDS- Madrid-Spain.. Honesty and Integrity is the Best Policy for us. WORLDWIDE HARDCORE... 

 By Band Request 










Soul Are

[Hardcore Metal] 

 Soul Are - "Between The Lions and Enemies" 
(New Single 2013)

Soul Are - Mini Album 2011 


 One Voice Crew, We are SOUL ARE Anger... Pain… Hatred... Revenge...

War Destructive elements that have inspired us to make music as an artistic expression, and we believe that it feeds our hunger of creativity and energy. Creativity to successfully energized people who are listens to our style of music. Energy as a critical source of life for every living thing, we cannot live without energy. For these reasons we always prioritized people and relationships. It doesn't matter where you are from, what your skin color is, or what the language you speak, we are connected through energy and we will give you energy. Our souls are connected and we are Soulare. We are not asking you to destroy the world, but we found inspirations through those destructive elements. There is always light in our darkest hours and there is always hope in our most desperate moments. We are constructively produce music to satisfies our musical journey, as a media for expression, and to share complications of peoples’ lives through our lyrics and powerful music. We are trying to communicat something positive through problems and conflicts, but not by following our instinct of brutality and chaos. We always hope that our listeners will always get inspirations through our music and creates another energy chain to others. Enjoy our expression of musicality and spread the energy to the world. It all started in the year 2000 when we all have aspiration to be influential musicians by forming a band called Soulare. Our name has never changed. Our founders are Indra Suryo Zarkayef (Lead Singer), Astrianto Adianggoro (Drum), Dimas Ikhsan (Guitar), Bayu Wicaksono (Bass), and Arya Hendra Darsono (Guitar). Our style of music was Hardcore based that later on developed outside the genre. We do not need genre for our creativity and expression. However, our dream is not easy to achieved as we experienced changing in members and an almost disband situation in 2007-2008. Eleven years are passed and we only have “Trough Our Prayers” as our EP. In the middle of 2011, we finally established our members. Our commitments are clear and our visions are set. We are Indra Suryo Zarkayef (Lead Singer), Astrianto Adianggoro (Drum), Dimas Ikhsan (Guitar), Fandrie Raditya Wredhana (Guitar) and Nadya Natassya (Bass). In the late 2011 we finalized our materials and will be launching our first ever album in 2012.

 By Band Request 


Propaganda Del Dolor

[Hardcore Punk] 
(Lorca, Spain) 

 Propaganda Del Dolor - Introduccion Al Sufrimiento (2013) 

 1. Imagine 
2. Agua 
3. Insatisfechos 
4. Venganza 
5. Abrazos Metálicos 

 By Band Request 



[Hardcore Metal] [Hardcore Punk] 
 (Lyon, France) 

 (Split 2013) 

UPSTART is the newcomer of lyon hardcore scene and is inspired by bands such as Sick Of It All, Blacklisted, Terror and Thick As Blood. 

 FIRST TRY, started in 2004, is the oldest still-running punk hardcore band from Lyon, a 9-year old baby with more than 50 shows in France and outside. The band shared the stage with bands such as Walls Of Jericho, Knuckledust, Reign Supreme, Providence, Final Prayer, Life As War, 50 Lions, Folsom, The Setup and much more ! FIRST TRY is influenced by bands like Terror, Madball, Donnybrook!, Death Before Dishonor, Down To Nothing, Crowns Of King. 

 UPSTART - Walk Out

FIRST TRY - This City Belongs To Us

 By Band Request


Nostra Famiglia

[Hardcore Metal] 
(Costa Rica) 

 Nostra Famiglia - Gime Como Un Cerdo (EP 2013) 

 Bienvenidos al Infierno 
 Gime Como un Cerdo _ Bloodshed in the Eyes 
Mercenarios Ft Rehen 
Vientre Maldito 
 Vivo no me Agarran 

 By Band Request 



[Beatdown Hardcore] 

Denny Crane - L.C.K.M. (Life Can't Kill Me)(2013) 

1. Negativ Music / Positiv Way 
2. L.C.K.M. 
3. Infected with Hatred 
4. M.F. Enemy (Remastered) 
5. Prison of Punishment 
6. De esta Suidat 
7. Lost in Berlin 
8. Alexa Liana (Nimm ein Kind an die Hand) 


 By Band Request 



[NuMetal] [Hardcore] 
 (Potsdam, Germany) 

 ANIMADVERT is a NuMetal/Hardcore band from Potsdam (Germany) which create their own style from a mix of Metal, Hardcore and some Hip-Hop elements. With hard riffs, groovy beats, in-your-face bass and versatile vocals ANIMADVERT is kickin it and hope for a thrilled audience. 




 ANIMADVERT - "Elixier" (Official EP Preview)


Clearview - I Gotta Get Away (HC)

[Clearview] [Hardcore] [Brazil]

Song from the RAGE THROUGH INTEGRITY (clearview / paura split CD)

Clearview - Hardcore from São Paulo

RAW JUSTICE (Straight Edge HC)

Raw Justice [France] [Straight Edge HC]

RAW JUSTICE - 1st show on 02/10/2013, Nantes.
Debut EP coming soon on STRAIGHT & ALERT records.

Pissed Grave (Crust/HC) - Demo 2013

[USA] [Grind] [HC] [Crust]

Pissed Grave are a new HC/Crust band from Dallas, Texas, USA. They recently released their debut 2013 demo for free download via Bandcamp. For those that enjoy unpolished noise fused with hc/crust, & grind.  


False Light (Grind/Power Violence) - Self Titled

False Light [USA] [Grindcore] [Power Violence]

False Light are a grind power violence band from the USA & have their self tilted EP for free download. Check it out if you enjoy direct angry noise.



(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) 

Warspite - True North Hardcore (Jan 2013) 

 Track List: 

 1. Only About Blood 
2. Bitches Leave 
3. SIOC 
 4. Take Control 
5. Cold Blooded Ways (featuring James Taylor) 
Twitter @warspite780 

 By Band Request 



[Punk Rock] [Melodic Hardcore] 
(Costa Rica) 

 Overseas - O Captain! My Captain! (2012)

1 Bulldozer 
2 Call It a Day 
3 Last Word 
4 Charleston 
5 Shaking the Soda (feat. Ben Kotin - Such Gold) 
6 Anchor Steady 
7 Sake of Sanity 
8 Foot Down (Acoustic bonus) 
9 Shaking the Soda (Acoustic bonus 


Overseas está formada por ex integrantes de la banda Hardcore Confrontacion y de otras bandas de Costa Rica. Nuestro Ep debut titulado "O Captain! My Captain!" cuenta con Ben Kotin (de la banda norteamericana Such Gold) como vocalista invitado y fue lanzado en formato vinilo de 12 pulgadas el pasado mes de Diciembre, por los sellos Quote Your Pulse Records (Estados Unidos), Pavones Records (Canadá) y Pee Recrods (Australia), mientras que la versión digital estuvo a cargo del sello No Panic! Records (Alemania). 

 En menos de un año de existencia hemos compartido escenario con bandas como Rise Against y The Lawrence Arms. En este momento nos encontramos trabajando en nuestra segunda producción y estamos bookeando nuestro primer tour por Estados Unidos y Canadá a mitad de este año.


 By Band Request 


Back On The Map vol.1 (2012)


 Back On The Map vol.1 (2012) 

22 hardcore bands 
from all over Italy 

By Destroy Your World Inc.




 10FOLD - NOT LIKE YOU (EP 2012) 


A Place Called Home
Dead Man Walking
Not Like You
When It Came To Soon

 By Band Request


Bright Side

[Hardcore Punk] 
(West Lothian, Scotland) 

 Bright Side 
 Delivering a serrated edge to the hardcore scene, relatively new quartet, Bright Side, are making their presence known with an almighty blow to the ears. Hailing from West Lothian, Scotland, the band formed under a year ago yet already play with a polished perfection normally associated with long-standing bands. Their unique take on melodic hardcore punk saw them quickly signed by Thanks for Nothing Records who are due to release a short run of cassettes for the band’s already acclaimed demo. Taking influence from peers Landcsapes, Comeback Kid, Break Even and Touche Amore, Bright Side have quickly established themselves as exactly what is needed to revive the Scottish melodic hardcore scene. 

 Bright Side - Face the Unknown (Release date - 18/02/2013) 

 Track Listing - 
 1. Weight of the World 
2. In Rememberance 
3. Face the Unknown 

Kastete - Ideju Imperija (Empire of Ideas) EP (Latvian HC Punk)


As fast as the speed of light, as direct as a punch with brass knuckles! Here comes KASTETE, Latvian hardcore punk band, to present their first tangible album Ideju Imērija (Empire of Ideas) containing all songs ever recorded since 2009.

KASTETE is presenting 13 fast and simple-to-the-core songs by shouting out a call to struggle for better life and values, to believe in oneself and fight against ignorance that is around in this not completely adequate society.

Zibenīga kā gaismas ātrums, tieša kā sitiens ar dūri! Šeit nāk „Kastete” - Latvijas hardcore punk grupa lai prezentētu savu pirmo taustāmo albumu „Ideju Impērija”, kas ietver visas jebkad ierakstītās dziesmas kopš 2009. gada.

”Kastete” piedāvā „Ideju Impēriju” – tās ir 13 ātras, līdz serdei vienkāršas dziesmas, izkliedzot aicinājumu cīņai par labāku dzīvi, ticību sev, kā arī pret muļķībām, kas mums ir apkārt šajā, ne īpaši adekvātajā sabiedrībā.

„Mēs esam gandarīti savās sastrādātajās rokās beidzot turēt disku. Kopumā ir interesanti dzirdēt, kā esam mainījušies no ieraksta uz ierakstu, bet „Kastetes” rokraksts palicis nemainīgs,” par albumu saka grupas dalībnieki.

 „Kastete” tika radīta 2009. gada pavasarī, kad trīs jaunieši izlēma kopīgiem spēkiem pārspēt gaismas ātrumu un tādā veidā pretoties pastāvošajai kārtībai. Un stāsts turpinās...

Albums meklējams mūzikas veikalos „Randoms” un „LP” no 11. februāra, savukārt albuma prezentācijas koncerts noritēs svētdien, 24. februārī, „Nabaklab”, kur kopā ar „Kasteti”, debijas albumu prezentēs arī kolēģi no grupas „Wagars”, par īpašu noskaņu gādās arī grupas „Nekad”, „Defectives” un viesi no Čīles.

Neesi vienaldzīgs, domā un dari pats!

„Kastete” – video versija dziesmai „Ideju Impērija”:


[Hardcore Metal] 

Noise River -

Ego Annihil(n)ation


By Band Request



[Beatdown Hardcore] 
 (Marseille, France) 

 Hate In Front - Louder Than Ever EP 2012 

1.Intro 01:22 
2.Endless 02:43 
3.H.I.F 04:10 
4.Beyond The Verse 03:44 
5.I Give You My Word (Ft Greg from Odyssey) 04:46 
6.Follow Me Down 02:33 
7.Places I Know 04:10 
8.All This Wars 04:11 

 If you want buy H.I.F. EP:


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