Proud Of That - I've put myself away (Video & Bio)

[Metal] [Deathcore] 

 "Still Standing", the new Ep by Proud of That it's going to be out on the 13th november 2013 via Mass Murder inc Records. 

 Proud Of That - I've put myself away (Video)

 The band was born in the summer of 2008 the idea of Mattia (drums), Alberto (voice) After the addition of Andre (guitar) and Carme (bass), between August and September 2009, we recorded a promo / EP called "WE ARE PROUD OF THAT" to Authoma Studios (Frederick Pennazzato). 

In 2010 we moved to a modern sound death-core made of fast riffs and heavy breakdowns. 

 We replaced Carme, and we found a definitive line-up with Ivan (bass). We have collaborated and shared the stage with other bands and during the 2010/2011, making various dates around the Northwest, including some in Switzerland. 

 In June 2011 we came out with our debut album "REVENGE", recorded at STUDIO ONE VOICE (Dany Giordana), the album was preceded by a video clip (Mr. Ed GEIN), the opening track on the disc. 

 The very threshold of our third year of life, there was a further change in the line-up, replacing Andrea, took over Alessandro (guitar). 

 2012 was a year full of live! Some in a very important, playing in bands such as opening "Suicide Silence" - "Texas In July" - "Auburne" - "Hopes Die Last" - Etc Etc. .. Between the end of November and early December, we went to Ukraine and Russia for a tour, which hit some major cities such as Moscow and Kiev. 

 The sound of PROUD OF THAT is similar to Whitechapel, Oceano, Carnifex. Currently Proud Of That they are busy playing around the north of Italy, and began to write new music. Among the future projects of 2013, a new album and a new tour in Russia!